Sunday, November 26, 2006

Will you still need me, will you still feed me...

...when I'm 64?

Apparently they will. Today's the day, and my daughters are taking me out to dinner this evening to celebrate.

This date 64 years ago happened to fall on Thanksgiving Day. My grandfather joked for the rest of his life about having to eat a hamburger for Thanksgiving dinner because of me.

Today, the holiday weekend is ending as it began, with gorgeous blue skies and mild temperatures. I've had four straight days of pleasant company, delicious food, good movies and books, and as much rest and sleep as I've wanted. It feels wonderful to be alive on a day like this.

There are lots of bumps along life's road, and I've traveled over a few that jarred my teeth. Everybody does. Experience tells me there'll be more bumps ahead (or potholes -- this is Louisiana, after all). That's okay. It's worth it.

Right now, at least for this day, I'm coasting along on smooth blacktop, enjoying the scenery, and waiting eagerly to see what lies around the next curve.

UPDATE: I almost forgot another reason for celebration today: Happy anniversary and much love to my sister and brother-in-law. You guys are the best!


  1. Happy Birthday, Mom! I love you.


  2. Thank you, Sweet Girl! I love you, too.

  3. Velvet,

    Happy Birthday!!! You and Tina Turner share this very special day. I think you both share a certain spunk too!

    It's clear from your post today that you have the typical Sagittarius trait of Optimism.

    My best to you today and every day, all year long.

    Annie (your November sister)

  4. Happy Birthday! 64 is a great age in this day and time, and you have had four great days... proof of a life well lived.

  5. Velvet, Happy, Happy Birthday!!! You are the same age as my sister. 1942 was a very good year indeed.


  6. Well a very happy birthday to you! I hope the dinner was delicious and many, many more to celebrate. Carmon

  7. Thanks to all of you for the birthday wishes.

    Annie, I love Tina Turner...but then, what's love got to do with it? Did I miss your birthday, or is it coming up in the next few days?

    Kat, 64 looks a lot younger to me from my current perspective than it did 20 years ago.

    Creekhiker, is that your sister in Baton Rouge who's the same age as me, or do you have others?

    Carmon, dinner was delicious!

  8. Hey Velvet,
    I'm glad you had a great birthday!! I love being on this side of the grass,even on the bumpy days, and I can tell you do to!! Many more Velvet, many more!

  9. Happy BELATED Birthday, Velvet - hoping you're a "better late than never" kind of gal. Sounds like you had a great weekend, a great birthday celebration and you're at a great place in your life. Enjoy!

    Spent about 93 hours in the car yesterday, driving son back to college - up at 5 am this morning to drive daughter to airport for her flight back to school - please forgive me for being just a tad discombobulated!

  10. Oh, wonderful! I've been waiting for the right moment to comment on your journal. Happy birthday!

  11. Happy happy birthday!!! I know my comment is a day late but nonetheless, all the best. Alison (Inspired...)

  12. Harriet, LOL, "this side of the grass." Yep, that's the side I like best, too.

    Sunflower, "better-late-than-never" sums me up perfectly. Hope you had a great time with your kids home for the holidays. Get some rest and then write something for us, okay?

    ree (sorry, I don't know how to put the accent on that last e), welcome and thanks for announcing your presence here. I followed your link and read just briefly, but I liked what I saw and will go back again later.

    Alison, when I'm only a day late, I feel really good about it.

    Thanks, everybody.

  13. Belated "Happy Birthday" Velvet sounds like you've had a really good time with loved ones, good food, books ~ time to pause, may it always be so.

    Sorry I haven't been around much I'm still trying to catch up.

  14. Dang, I missed this! Belated Happy Birthday, and may I say you don't sound 64-I thought you were a lot younger!

  15. Sandy, thanks, I miss you when you aren't around.

    Janet, thank you, too. My head is a lot younger than 64, but my body feels every minute of it. In fact, I think my feet are pushing 70.


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