Tuesday, November 07, 2006

What do you make of the election returns?

If you're like me (and happen to live in the U.S.) you're gonna be glued to the TV tonight, watching election returns with your fingers crossed. If you want to take a break to stretch your legs--and your mind--join me in one of my favorite childhood games.

What do I make of the election returns? Well, here's what I made out of the word RETURNS: nest, nets, nuts, rents, rest, reruns, runs, runes, rust, ruts, sent, set, stern, stun, sure, tens, terns, true, turns. (Ha! Some of these words seem appropriate to the context.)

Add to my list if you want, or start your own with words made from ELECTION or POLITICIANS. You don't have to do it all at once. Put up a few words, then come back later and add more.

If you aren't sure about a word, here's a link to one of my favorite resources: dictionary.com.

My other option for a blog subject tonight was how I think everyone should have voted and why. Somehow, the word game choice seemed a whole lot safer.

Have fun!


  1. Election! You mean there's an election today???? ;) Carmon
    Say...have you noticed those word verification letters are getting increasingly difficult to decipher?

  2. YES! I think the random letter generator is somewhere in cyberspace laughing at us.

  3. From returns: rut, run, ret, tern, tune, tunes, tuner, tuners, rue, rues, ruse, nurse.

    But some of those are cheating, because I added/subtracted "s" from ones you already had.

    I'm on pins and needles over this election. . .I have a bad feeling. . .

    Almost 1/4 through! Run, Velvet, run! (did you ever consider running for office?)

  4. Good job, Sunflower! And the answer is no, I rarely think of anything at all that has to do with running.

  5. I've been watching the returns and now that the initial results are coming in I'm going to let my eyes close for the night. Tomorrow will bring me all the news. And maybe then I'll want to play the word game.

  6. It was a long night waiting, waiting. Change in the air... that is exciting. Too tired to play the word game (but I do that too, in a doctors waiting room I once found myself making words out of "insurance" "Ghedarziah"(his name) and "Nurse Only".

  7. well, I think out of everyone and everything I voted for, one made it. That doesn't bother me too much though-I've never been one to run with the herd. ;-)

    I'd play the word game but I haven't woken up yet and am still on my first cup o' coffee.

  8. Velvet, I should have read your post yesterday - my bloodpressure would no doubt have been lower if I'd played the word game.!.

  9. Well, nobody played with me but Sunflower. What ARE the rest of you, adults?

    That's okay, I enjoyed your comments anyway. ;-)


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