Thursday, November 09, 2006

Photo Night: Octagons

This photo-night thing has turned out to be more fun than I thought it would be, at least from the photographer's perspective. It's been like a 24/7 scavenger hunt; pick a topic, then go out and find it. This week I've scouted out octagons, and the hunting was pretty good.

This bedpost at the foot of my bed is the first octagon I see in the morning. There are three other matching ones, but this is the one I hold onto while I shake the circulation back into my legs.

From my driveway I can see this louvered octagonal vent on my neighbor’s boat shed.

As much as I love this eight-sided box, you'd think I'd have dusted it better before I took its picture. I'll have to take a wet Q-tip to that center part.

This one's a twofer. By rough calculations, I figure I must have passed this little house at least 4,400 times in the last eight years. It never caught my eye until I started watching for octagons.

When the weight of my purse makes me lean me to one side, it's time to dump the change. It's fun to go through this box to search for specific state quarters to add to my collection.

This pretty office building, with its angled roofline and octagon-shaped window, is on my route to work. At the other end of the building is a cafe that serves wonderful muffins.

This old, reliable clock hangs on my living room wall. But I don't need a clock to tell me it's time to wrap up this post. Enough about octagons, already.

Just one more photo and I'll


  1. this is a good idea. who would have thought you could find so many.

  2. A wet Q-Tip??!! I never would have thought of that! Thanks Velvet.

  3. Velvet, Thanks for the pictures of back home... It's nice to see green when all I see is California brown. Can't wait to get to BR for Christmas. Your pics made my day! Holly

  4. Cool, Velvet! Made me want to go look for shapes around my neighborhood.

  5. Everyone I know has one of those clocks!

  6. I like it! The bed post looks like it is attached to a nice, comfy bed. I think you should make every Thursday picture day, even after the marathon.

    Run, Velvet, run!

  7. Delightful idea to have these photos. Tell me, did you get any strange looks when you stopped to take photos?

  8. I love photo Thursday! I also think you should make it a new tradition. Carmon

  9. What a fun thing to do! Neat pics, too. I'm going to try that one day.
    Looking for a certain shape, I mean. I'm afraid neat pics is beyond me...I get blur!

  10. Thanks, everybody. I might continue Photo Night after the month ends, and you ought to try it yourself if you're interested. I found a lot of things besides octagons that I'd never noticed before, and it was fun to see things through "new eyes."

    Of course, I'm sure there will be lazy weeks when I "scavenge" photos I've already taken, but the theme possibilities are endless. It wouldn't even matter if we duplicated themes occasionally; as long as we're using our own photos (or old photos from our own collections, as opposed to those "borrowed" from the Internet), our photos would still be different.

    To answer Janet's specific question, I'm not aware of getting any strange looks, but it FELT weird to photograph someone's home. I felt like a private investigator or something, whipping up my camera and snapping a fast photo out the car window. (I was waiting for someone to grab the camera away from me and ruin it by trying to get the "film" out.) Annie, of Little Rock Daily Photo, takes pictures all over Little Rock, so she might be a more experienced person to ask. Whaddaya say, Annie?

    Also wanted to say to Creekhiker, I didn't realize you were from this area. Glad you enjoyed the homestyle green. Have you been back since Hurricane Katrina? If not, you won't BELIEVE the traffic.

  11. Velvet,

    I grew up in McComb and all the family migrated to BR / Denham / Gonzales after I moved west. I was back in July...yes the traffic is awful. BR is laid out in the best fashion to begin with but all those extra cars...

    And N.O., I was too emotionally devastated to take pictures! My uncle lives on the OTHER side of the 17th St. Canal. Just over a bridge and WOW! It was heartwrenching to see.

    Anyway, I loved your pics from this post! Thanks again!



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