Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Hanky-panky in the neighborhood

Apparently, I've had a new next-door neighbor for a few weeks. I've only seen this gal once, and I assumed she was just visiting, but now I think she may have moved in. Today at lunchtime I saw a guy hanging around over there. Him, I haven't seen before.

I was kind of surprised when I saw this chick a few weeks back. She just doesn't look like she fits in here in our neighborhood, although I've seen her kind around here on one or two previous occasions over the past few years. She's big, rather plain, and looks like she'd be right at home in a more "rural" environment, if you know what I mean.

I've known something has been going on over there because I've heard voices in the yard late at night. Loud voices. I've even peeked out the window a couple of times when I've heard them, but haven't been able to see anything.

Her guy is fairly brazen. When I left to go back to work after lunch, he was hanging out beside my driveway, and he just stood there and watched me. Didn't move an inch. He actually had the nerve to holler at me as I drove my car a little too close, but I couldn't get out of the driveway otherwise. Very cocky!

When I came home this evening, he was still there. Not in the same exact spot, but in the same general area, as if he's staking out a claim to "his" territory. Now I'm thinking he's taken up residence right along with the new neighbor lady, and, to be frank, I wouldn't be a bit surprised if they've been "getting it on" right out there in the yard. They just look like the type.

That being said, my curiosity is intense at this point, and I kind of hope they stick around just so I can see what comes of this relationship. I must say that the guy is extremely handsome, and even though the gal's not as good-looking as he is, I'll bet they'd make beautiful babies.

You know, come to think of it, I've already mentioned this lady to you in my May 19th blog entry. Here, I'll show you her picture again:

And here's her fancy man! Isn't he fine?


  1. Whoa, he is fine!! Are these wild down there in Loosiana? That is a peacock right? I have turkeys in my back yard and they just strut around their women the same way! You would think they were the only male in the world! (Well actually they are, just one male and about 13 or 14 females.) Now all they need is a beer and a remote control!

  2. Man, I thought I was gonna learn something!!!! LOL!!!

    Beautiful man bird! Why is it like that? Why are all male animals, birds, fish, etc. usually easier to look at than the females? That's so not right!


  3. Nice neighbors, especially the hunk!

  4. Noel, he is a peacock, and I don't know if there are wild ones in Louisiana. These two, I'm pretty sure, are escapees from the bird sanctuary across the road. Guess it got a little too crowded over there.

    Priss, if those feathered girls ever discover makeup, like we human women did, they'll turn all that around.

    Janet, I'm crossing my fingers that the hunk and his lady have a nest nearby. It would be a major treat to see baby peacocks.

  5. You he is a guy worth trying
    to step out with...but I bet
    that biddy hen would take after
    anyone that rubbed up against
    her man!

  6. Thanks for the visit and good wishes! Have to admit the idea of really getting hurt out here is always on my mind.

  7. You are just too much! Had me going again. I was a little surprised with what you were writing about because you do not seem like the gossiping type that would give a hoot what the neighbors did as long as it was not in your yard.

  8. My he is handsome and what a gorgeous tail, would have loved to see it all fanned out. Great photos. Hope they have got a nest.

  9. Carmon, I guess that kind of beauty comes at a high price.

    4th Sister, glad I gotcha, LOL!

    Sandy, they've been up high when I've seen them, so I was expecting a nest up in a tree. Today, though, I Googled today and learned that they usually nest on the ground. Don't know if I'll be able to see it or not, but I'll keep watching and listening for babies.

  10. Wow,what a guy.

    I would love to see a picture of his,..ummmm, ..well you know, ..ah, tail.


  11. Oooo keep watching please, would love to see photos of the little ones :)


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