Friday, June 16, 2006

Look who came snooping around my backyard

As my daughter was leaving my house this afternoon, I told her I'd heard the peacock and asked if she'd seen him. She looked around and said, "There he is, right there." I grabbed my camera and stepped outside, and this handsome guy came closer. He jumped off the fence into my backyard and put on a great show for us for about half an hour.

It was sooooo cool! He displayed his tail from every possible angle, danced some kind of little peacock jig, posed on the fence and on the ground, and just generally entertained us. He let me get really close to him a couple of times, and I might have been able to get even closer had I not been so nervous about those sharp, pointy things on his legs. He seemed at least as curious as we were. I have a BIG crush on this guy!


  1. Absolutely love that bottom photo. How interesting!!!!
    The only visitors we get are possums.

  2. Now that's one fine-looking fella!

  3. That bottom picture is great! I can see beads in those colors, can you? I hope you can find a nest and get pictures, that would so cool!

  4. Such a wonderful neighbor. He is
    really beautiful.

  5. Jen, welcome. And you've reminded me that I have a possum story to tell one day, too.

    Janet and Sweet-Sister, I can just imagine the Heavenly design team that thought up this guy. "Oh, man, this is looking great!" one might have said. "Now, how about adding some swizzle-stick thingies to the top of his head."

    Noel, you bet I can. He's the color of the new Kronos glass, too. I'm hoping he inspired our beadmaker.

  6. love the peacock pictures, also enjoyed the post about the hairy boy friend. i away parked crazy so i would fit right in at that place.

  7. Thank you, Patsy, and gracias, Manuel.

  8. Wonderful photos Velvet. You are so lucky to have such enchanting creatures so close to your house. What gorgeous colours and what a tail....:)
    Sorry for the late posts just been a busy couple of days.


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