Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Hit and run

To lighten things up a bit, let me tell you about my friend "C."

We met through a mutual friend in the late '60s and ended up working together at an East Texas courthouse. "C" was a slender, very pretty girl, with black eyes, olive skin, and long, long, long black hair that always caught everyone's attention. She dressed well, too, in nice dresses and high-heeled shoes.

In those days, shopping in the town where we lived was limited to a handful of stores in the downtown area and another group of stores in a fairly large, L-shaped shopping center near the traffic circle. The shopping center was anchored by Sears at one end and Weingarten's Supermarket waaaaaaaay down at the other end.

One day, soon after I returned to the courthouse from my lunch break, "C" rushed in. She was a few minutes late, and she looked frazzled.

Me: "Where'd you go?"

"C": "I went to the shopping center, and I got hit by a car."

Me: "What do you mean you 'got hit by a car'? You mean your car got hit?"

"C": "No, I mean I got hit. I was walking across the parking lot and a car hit me."

Me: "Omigod, are you hurt? Are you all right?"

"C": "I think I'm fine, but the car bumped me in front of Sears, and I ran all the way to Weingarten's before I could stop."


  1. LOL!!!! I HAVE one of those, 'cept she's blonde!!!!

    Poor little "C"!


  2. I worked with a girl who would
    use the Nig... word in front of
    a black man and say..."oh, it just
    slipped out". Then she would say
    to me when he was not around..."I wonder why he does not like me?"
    I would reply.."beats, me"

    Some folks have a brick wall in front of their brain and to get through it you would have to have a jack hammer...but that is too much work and who would want to do it.

  3. What a great story! I wonder what the driver of the car thought, watching her run!

  4. That is funny. Poor thing, sounds like she took off like a scared bunny. Wonder if she thought she had damaged the car? :)

  5. Actually, she told me the car knocked her off balance and she had to keep running to maintain the momentum so she wouldn't fall.
    TeeHee. TeeHee. Bwaaahaaaahhaaaa!

  6. hmm.... my momma hit me with the car once. no joke. she let me off at Hastings, I walked around the front of the car. I guess she thought I was going the other direction. She pulled foward and I flew/ jumped up a little bit. I was too embarrassed to do much. I just kind of limped into the store and hoped no one noticed.

  7. Erin, had you been a good girl? Are you sure that wasn't just a little reminder of that old saying, "I brought you into this world; I can take you out"?


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