Friday, June 23, 2006


Every letter but for one
is short and sweet to say,
like A-B-C-D-E-F-G
and H-I-J and K.

A single syllable is all
we ever need to use
to dot our I’s and cross our T’s
and watch our P’s and Q’s.

For twenty-five of twenty-six
one syllable was fine,
so how did W get three?
Is that not out of line?

Was special dispensation made
to placate W?
Is its work too important for
one syllable to do?

We need the W, of course;
without it you and I
could not ask any questions such
as Who? What? Where? When? Why?

But as for those three syllables,
if it were left to me,
I wouldn’t call it “double-yoo,”
I’d call it “way” or “wee.”


  1. i think i have more than 4 doing the meme do i get a prize?

  2. You do deserve a prize, Patsy. Here's the best I could do on short notice:

    All Those Powell Women

    Patsy set the wheels in motion
    when she chose to write a blog.
    Others followed in her footsteps,
    sisters, nieces, family dog.

    From the woodwork they came blogging.
    Oh, the stories they all share,
    each one writing her own version,
    others adding here and there.

    Intertwining tears and laughter,
    Loves and losses now and then,
    Sharing just enough to make us
    come back soon to read again.

  3. How would you pronouse Dubya if we didn't have the double U? We could always call him Wee! Or Wee Wee if we wanted a couple of syllables. LOL! Oh I forgot, I'm not supposed to make fun of our Prez!

  4. I hate it that we can't edit comments! Or spelling mistakes!

  5. Velvet...can I use your poem on
    my take the prize.

    I love it. With Patsy in the
    drivers seat no telling where we
    all will end up!

    You are sooo talented and clever!

  6. Don't tell Pat the wise,
    but, hey, I stole her prize...
    And just like a RazorHog
    I stuck it on my blog!!!

    I learned this trick from Pat,
    Well, I learned more than that,
    But,I really liked the rhyme
    So what was mine!

  7. Sweet-Sister, I don't mind, but I gave it Patsy, so that's between you and her. What do you think she'd do if the situation were reversed? LOL! Yeah, you know exactly what she'd do. Your clever poem says it all.

  8. Loved the poems Velvet, they just roll off tghe tongue and give a smile:)


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