Thursday, June 08, 2006

News Bites

Around the World
The U. S. Government checked Abu Musab al-Zarqawi off its list yesterday. Good. So that list would be how long now?

Book Critic
It's critical that I move some books out of my house before they take over everything. Deciding how to decrease the volume of my volumes is my own personal Sophie’s Choice.

On the Today show this morning, a representative of People magazine reported that the new daughter of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie appears to have her mother’s lips. Hmmm. Talk about power-nursing.

Britney Spears can afford to dress better. So can I. Both of us should consider it.

Lunch today was from our “white-trash” menu: Cold pork ‘n beans scooped up with barbecued potato chips. It's a dirty little secret, but sometimes I’ve just gotta have it.

Everywhere I turn, I see a bush that leans way too far to one side, but I’ve been told that nothing can be done about it for a couple more years.

A new medical condition was discovered today when a Louisiana woman, Velvet Sacks, broke out in hives and repeatedly butted her head against the wall. Sacks stated the condition came on suddenly when she turned on her computer and continued to deteriorate as she remained without blog editing access for nearly three hours.

Help Wanted
Stepping-stone edger needed. Must have strong back and mile-wide masochistic streak.

If I were chief of the music police, the song ”Sabre Dance” would only be allowed at the circus. Because if you hear a snippet of it accidentally, it will stay in your head all day. Don't believe me? Follow the link.

See “Gardening” above.

For some unknown reason, it popped into my head today that Jesus was a shepherd, not a sheep. That gives me hope that He could relate to those of us who don't just blindly follow where some people try to lead us.

Just like politics and religion: too hot to discuss in much detail on my friendly little blog.


  1. I was okay with Blogger being down because I couldn't think of a blessed thing to write about for two days. I finally dug into my old files for something to fill up the space. :-p

  2. you can work in a news paper if you want. wasn't the blog mess terrible , we have been having trouble for several days.

  3. Okay I laughed out loud at the 'Food' catagory. Not my secret passion but I'm sure I have one equally as disgusting! Didn't follow the music lead...I already have a Bob Marley song on an endless loop in my head.

  4. Haha Great stuff, made me smile. :) Book space, or rathe the lack of it, is one of my problems too so can sympathise.And loopy song? Try the Banana Boat Song, "He say day, he say day-ay-ay-o Daylight come and he wanna go home..." Was thinking of holidays and its been driving me... dare I say "bananas" haha
    And yes, Blogger is definately on the dragging its heels here too.

  5. Just came across this link and couldn't resist sending it to you :) Try it and see if it can compete with Sabre Dance haha
    ""> Banana Boat Song

  6. Janet: I hate when that happens.

    Patsy: That's the only bad thing about Blogger being free; it wouldn't seem right to complain about it to anyone who could fix it.

    Carmon: There goes by plan to invite you to lunch!

    Sandy: I can see how "The Banana Boat Song" could get stuck in your head, too, but I usually don't mind if it's a song I like, and that one's on my OK list.


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