Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Me? A meme? For me?

As soon as I began reading blogs regularly, I learned about the meme, that "now-it's-your-turn questionnaire" that gets passed from blogger to blogger. Up until now, due to limited readership I'm sure, nobody's ever tagged me for a meme.

Last night changed that, but...uh...not exactly. My daughter forwarded an email to me that I'm supposed to answer and email back to her, but do you think I'm gonna waste a perfectly good meme experience by limiting it to her and four other email friends? Nah, of course not! I'm gonna get at least one blog entry out of it and tag some of you guys.

Subject: Friends

Finally! A different take on the "get to know your friends" email meme. How well do you know me??

For instance, did you know...

Four jobs I have had in my life:

1. Secretary to a judge.
2. Assistant to the marketing manager of a burger chain.
3. Human resources manager.
4. Legal secretary.

Four movies I would watch over and over:

1. Mississippi Burning
2. An Officer and a Gentleman
3. The Princess Bride
4. You've Got Mail

Four places I have lived:

1. Springfield, Missouri
2. Orange, Texas
3. Miami, Florida
4. Farmingdale, New York

Four TV shows I love/loved to watch:

1. Grey's Anatomy
2. Boston Legal
3. American Idol
4. Big Brother (New season starts tonight. YEAAAAA!)

Four places I have been on vacation:

1. Las Vegas, Nevada - when my first husband won a trip in a sales contest
2. Niagara Falls - twice when we lived on Long Island
3. Eureka Springs, Arkansas - twice with my sister
4. Hanford, California - to see my dad and meet his (my)second family

Four websites I look at daily:

1. Bluff Road Art Glass
3. I Am Prepared to Give Up at Any Time
4. Life at Star's Rest

Four of my favorite foods

1. Chicken chimichangas with guacamole and sour cream
2. Lasagna - our family's recipe
3. Country fried steak with white gravy
4. Corn on the cob - actually, corn just about any way you want to fix it.

Four Friends that have been tagged that I think will respond:


Edited to add: Er...uh...oh, yeah, and Mike

So here it goes...copy this onto your blog, delete my answers, replace with your own, tag four other online friends and publish your post.


  1. And guess where your daughter go this? MeMeMeMe. I sent answers to her but don't remember what they were. Pretty neat idea though if people sent it back.

  2. So YOU're the one. Yes, she's getting answers and enjoying it very much. As do I.

  3. you taged the wrong sister, take my name off and betty on she will do it!

  4. Sweet Sister: Patsy wants to pass the baton to you. Will you accept it? Sure would like to see your answers.

  5. Memes make the baby Jesus cry.

  6. Maybe so, Mike, but I'd still like to see his answers.

  7. Oh, uh, have you tagged me? I hadn't noticed. I'd be honored!

  8. finally, a fun MeMe. Mine have been too serious. I'll be snatching this one and tagging a few people. Tx for the five finger discounted MeMe.


  9. I did it. I have to say I feel as if I came out of the closet. I didn't think anyone had read my blog yet. I was waiting for the right moment to share. OK, I was chicken. Thanks for tagging me.

  10. My answers are the same as Sister Patsy's ...we have the same genes.
    So just ditto what she said and you
    have memememe!

  11. Okay I put one up but I'm afraid the tags die with me! Austin was the only person I had to tag and she stole it from you already!

  12. She tagged me too! I can't send another one of these to my friends. They will disown me. And, I'm pretty sure they know more about me than they ever cared to. What am I doing leaving comments on your blog when I'm in Montreal?

    Is there a pill for internet addiction?

  13. sweet sister did a thing about eating and i can't believe it but smart sister did one and was more than i thought possible in fact i was shocked she even posted. i am talking about the meme. take a look at smart sister or know as sister no. 1 and sweet sister just talked on and about food, she starves her self to keep her weight down so i guess that makes sence. as for the black board i think i could dream up a big black board like we had in school.besides how many people would not have pre ideas. we get those as we grow into adult hood our parent influnce our ideas and lifes experences do the rest.i think we have very few free will choices in our the time we are adults we are already molded into what ever we are.i am a demorcate because my father was and my grandfather , i lean to baptist religion because my fore fathers were. maybe if i was a killer or a robber it would be because my ancestors were what can be said about people and the way they react to any given situation.people who hate were tought to hate, people who love were tought to love. God is love, love your neighbor if you can or move to a Island.

  14. Aussie: You say you snatched it, but where'd you hide the evidence? I've been checking every now and then.

    Susan: Welcome out of the closet; no mothballs on you now.

    Patsy and SS3: I loved that you took this concept and made it your own. Very interesting.

    Carmon: I know how busy you are, so it probably wasn't fair to ask you to do this, but I'm glad you did. Thanks.

    FHG Rebekah: I've missed you, girl! Does that new rock on your finger make it hard for you to type? Congratulations!

    Mike: I saved you for last. Your comments and the meme entry on your own blog put such a grin on my face that it was hard to get to sleep last night. I'd just about doze off and get tickled again. Thanks for the good laugh.


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