Monday, November 26, 2007

I've been waiting for you

I heard about you years before I realized how important you might be to me someday, but it's only been in the last few years that I've fantasized about getting to know you better. I read the things that were written about you and imagined how my life would be different, more carefree, with you in it. If it had been left up to me, we'd have met sooner, but the people we've elected to make all the rules decided I wasn't mature enough to know you before now.

Nights when I lay sleepless, my body aching, I thought about you. When there was such a burning inside me that I found it difficult to breathe, I knew you'd be able to help me extinguish the fire. My mind was troubled sometimes, trying to distinguish between needs and wants, trying to determine which needs could wait and which demanded immediate satisfaction. With you, I knew, the choices wouldn't be so difficult. The mountains wouldn't seem so high.

But the time wasn't right. No matter how grown up I imagined myself to be, the law said I was too young for you. Well, now everything has changed.

I'm 65 now, Medicare, and I'm coming after you.

When my body aches and even the least expensive pharmacy charges $120 for Celebrex, I will lean against you and let you share my burden. When acid reflux threatens to burn a hole in my esophagus, you'll be there to ease me through the pain of paying for Nexium or Prilosec. From now on, when I think I need to go to the doctor, I won't be as hesitant. I won't be afraid of starting something I can't afford to finish.

I don't expect you to solve all my problems, Medicare; I know enough about you to know you don't work miracles. That's okay. I just need you to have my back, to offer a little reassurance now and then.

I'm excited about having you in my life. Please don't let me down.


  1. OMG.....I hope you don't get let down. I will be joining this elite club in only 1.5 years and I am afraid......very afraid.

  2. Velvet, It has you back but the question is... can you find a Dr. in your area that will take it??? My mom has had great difficulty with that.

    Happy, Happy Birthday!!!!

  3. Happy Birthday. !!! Isn't it amazing how they are giving Medicare to such young people these days. I have been a recipient since far ,,so good.

  4. Happy Birthday! Wishing you chocolate and smiles!

    My mom doesn't have trouble with hers, but you might want to investigate Medicare gap fillers-she has one, and pays very little for her prescriptions.

  5. Happy Birthday from another Carol who started with Medicare this last August.

    What you wrote expressed my relief perfectly. I never thought I would feel so happy to be one year older. Now the goal is to stay as healthy as possible and to have no major need for the benefit any time soon.

  6. wishing you the best of health so you have the littlest need possible!

    peace and blessings


  7. another great post! A love affair with medicare....

  8. If there were such as thing as National Health Care insurance for all, Americans would sing the song you sing today. Congratulations, Velvet, on achieving this age of wisdom and accomplishment. I'm right behind you and marching, marching, marching toward my own love affair.

  9. Val, the worst part so far has been the volume of junk mail and telephone calls from insurance companies. What a nuisance!

    CreekHiker, I hadn't considered that some doctors don't accept it. I think mine does, though, because when I was there six months ago, it was her idea that we could postpone some recommended but voluntary procedures until I was enrolled in Medicare. She's good about things like that.

    Two Carols, welcome, and thanks for your words of encouragement. I'm glad to know it's working well for at least a couple of Medicare newbies.

    Janet, thanks for the tip about gap-fillers. (And I did have both chocolate and smiles for my birthday.;-)

    Keepers, I appreciate your good wishes.

    4th Sister, a "love affair" seemed to be a good way to write about this subject. I might learn to genuinely love Medicare -- or I might just get screwed. Either way, the "love affair" applies.

    Annie, I totally agree with you about national health care insurance. Do you think we'll see that in our lifetime?

  10. Well medicare is far from prefect but it is better than paying $1100 a month for 2 insurances which is what I am doing and is why I can't retire. But I may retire in a few years anyway and have no insurance.


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