Saturday, November 03, 2007

A terrorist plot... destroy Christmas is being carried out at a local radio station. I'm sure of it.

For several years now, the easy-listening station that wakes me up every morning has proclaimed December to be "all Christmas music, all the time." That much Christmas music drives me insane.

In the car today, I pushed the button for that station and immediately felt as if I'd driven into a time warp. This year, they've expanded "all Christmas music, all the time" to include the month of November! Who in their right mind wants to listen to two solid months of Christmas music? Santa Claus wouldn't do it, and I'll bet Jesus wouldn't, either. I'm with them.

I like to hear Christmas music sprinkled throughout the day in the weeks before Christmas, and I even enjoy constant Christmas music from the time the gift opening begins until the last scrap of red and green paper is put in the trash. But much more "Deck the Halls" than that assaults my ears, grates on my nerves and makes me count the days until Christmas is over.

That's why I think my regular station is involved in a terrorist plot. If all stations played non-stop Christmas music for two full months, a lot of people might run screaming to another religion by the end of that time. A less musical religion.

Who knew CD's and radio push buttons would be so vital to the preservation of Christmas as we've always loved it?


  1. When I walk into department stores or really any store in which you can buy anything, from the day after Thanksgiving, I always delight in the music but then think how terrible it must be for the people who work in the store, over and over the same cycle of songs. I love Christmas music, I do, but I'm with you... two months? Too much.

  2. This is one of the times I'm glad I'm deaf. One day of that music would send me screaming to a mental hospital.

    Nothing makes me grumpy like being exhorted to be cheerful, which is what Christmas marketing does.

  3. Walmart killed Christmas and rose an imposter in its place. Cristmas died in 1968.

  4. A couple days after Halloween I got into my car to drive to work. Turning on the ignition I was greeted by "Sleigh Bells Ring...are you listenin'". Let me tell made my butt cheeks clench. I am so glad I'm not the only one who finds this PREMATURE shameless forcing down our throats of Christmas commercialism nerve wracking. It was my favorite radio station too...well, I changed the station promptly and may not go back for a good long while. I do love Christmas music...when its TIME for it....2 or 3 weeks before Christmas is fine.

  5. Duly Inspired, I've thought of those department store workers, too. I wonder if they get to a point where they can tune it out.

    Janet, I know exactly what you mean. I don't mind actual carols so much; it's the "Rudolph" and "Frosty" songs that get to me.

    Sister-Three, you may be on to something.

    GTS Val, you summed up exactly what I was trying to say. Amen!
    Thank you for visiting (and returning to) my little segment of the blogosphere. I was pleased to see your comment on another recent post and apologize for not welcoming you then and there.

  6. I could listen to Dominic the Italian Christmas Donkey until the cows come home.

    ...though this song did almost wreck my relationship with the girlfriend who became my wife...

    call me deranged...

    ...sounds like blog fodder... i may have to get on that.

  7. Yajeev, you sent me to YouTube on that one. Now that I've listened to it, I'll admit it's a catchy tune, but I totally understand your girlfriend/wife's point of view. Heehaw!Heehaw!Heehaw!Heehaw!Heehaw!

  8. I have XM radio and they've got a station entirely devoted to the run for the Presidency. I've tried to listen a couple of times but I just can't do it. For the same reasons you can't listen to the non-stop Christmas music and still want Christmas.

  9. Velvet, not to shamelessly self-promote, but I've posted my Dominic-themed entry. I hope you enjoy it.

  10. remember when Christmas season started the day after Thanksgiving? Just like the new models of cars came out near the end of the year, not in march. I guess it is only a matter of time until we hear it on one of our stations here. sigh!

    peace and blessings


  11. It is starting earlier and earlier each year....I am going to join right in....I am going to put up my tree just as soon as I can talk someone into getting it out of the attic this year..... The Grandkids love the lights and it will not be in my way this year...

  12. Velvet, I'm with you. I love Carols but think it should be outlawed to play them this early.

    I was shocked when, on Nov. 1, in my sister's car in Baton Rouge, I heard a carol... we just stared at each other in amazement! It's just too early!

    But, I can say, I didn't mind them so much in the Mistletoe Market in the Atrium this past weekend...maybe because it's expected at a holiday faire.

    Either way, Christmas is way too overmarketed. I do think our retailers are worried. Everyone I know is cutting back this year. They HAVE to buy gas...but not gifts.

  13. LOL I love it when you're angry!
    Although I agree entirely, two months of solid jingles would have us leaping off high buildings like lemmings. Definately a plot.

    Here, Christmas starts arriving just after Nov. 5th - Guy Fawkes Night. Hmmmm


  14. Annie, a radio station devoted exclusively to the presidential race? I couldn't listen to that either. At least the Christmas music station has an occasional reference to wise men.

    Yajeev, you go ahead and self-promote. I read it and I'm glad.

    4th Sister, if you want a head start on Christmas, I say go for it. Maybe one of your sisters will read this and put a bug in someone's ear who can help you put up your tree.

    Creekhiker, I'm so glad to know you're back home -- and also glad to have you as a witness that Christmas is coming too early to Baton Rouge.

    Sandy, the stores here put up Christmas decorations as soon as they take down the Halloween ones, so it seems as if we start about a week ahead of you. I envy you that week.


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