Thursday, November 22, 2007


I don't suppose anyone's life is perfect, but each of us, I believe, has experienced countless perfect moments. My favorite day of the year is this one, the day set aside to remember all the goodness that's been granted us and express appreciation for it.

Since my first Thanksgiving Day, which occurred the day I was born, today is the only Thanksgiving I've ever spent without the company of at least one other human. Because of step-families, in-laws, a play-off game and a special occasion, we've postponed our family get-together and feast until Sunday.

Today was quiet, reflective, different from all the other Thanksgivings I've known, and still wonderful in its own way. I didn't feel lonely for a single minute; my heart is too full, my joys too many. Besides, I've shared the day, a Hitchcock movie marathon, and crock-pot chicken and dressing with four loving pooches, each of whom has slept a portion of the day wholly or partially on my lap.

I'm grateful for a day filled with precious, perfect moments. Even if your day was quite different from mine, I hope you would say the same.

Happy Thanksgiving!


  1. Velvet, I can just picture you curled up with Butch, Kadi and grand-fur babies. Glad you had a lovely day!

  2. Happy Thanksgiving. I like the words you use, crock-pot, loving pooches, partially on your lap. Nice, warm, heart-felt times. Bless you and your blessings.

  3. Crock pot chicken with dressing sounds wonderful! As does your day altho I enjoy being with my family but it's always nice to be back home again in my quiet little place.

  4. Sounds like you had a really nice day! I bet the get-together will more than make up for not having it when it's supposed to occur.

    Does this mean we wish you a Happy Birthday too? don't be coy, tell us when your birthday is! :-)

  5. Creekhiker, thank you, it was delightful.

    Duly Inspired, the words sound comfy when you repeat them back to me. Thanks.

    Codenamenora, welcome, and thanks for visiting my blog. I clicked on your name, read your first and last posts and can't wait to go back and read more. You're delightful!

    Janet, I don't know what I'm looking forward to most: the family get together or the sweet-potato crunch.

    And my birthday is Monday. I'll finally be old enough to apply for Medicare.


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