Monday, November 12, 2007

Song for a wasted literary long weekend

You Made Me Read You
(Sung to the tune of "You Made Me Love You")*

The laundry piled up.
I didn't want to do it.
I didn't want to do it.

The dust and dog hair,
I didn't quite get to it,
Guess you could say I blew it.

I had three days off work and
Three new good books.
I wasn't thinkin'
How bad this ol' house looks.

Your words ensnared me.
I couldn't put the books down,
Just wouldn't put the books down,
Ignored the chores for fun,
More than one, not begun,
Completed none.
Give me, give me, give me,
Give me what I'm needin',
The self control
To not spend three whole days just readin'.
Three days and no work got done.

*Music by James V. Monaco,
lyrics by Joseph McCarthy


  1. You trying to get a song stuck in my head? This seems to be the theme of the week over here.

  2. a theme maybe, but also neat! so many other songs do you have your own lyrics too? love to see some others

    peace and blessings


  3. Good for you Velvet! They must have been great.

  4. So what were you reading?

    I often spend hours reading, doing nothing, wishing someone would bring me something to eat. Right now I'm reading an adventure/cultural anthropology travel book, The Places In Between. Rory Stewart, the author, walked across Afghanistan in 2002, starting two weeks after the Taliban fell.

    The only way I could ever do that is vicariously.

  5. Yeah, what were you reading? I find so few books that I just can't put down. Most are "okay, I'll put it down for an hour or two", that turns into the next day.

  6. Yajeev, yes I am. Did it work?

    Keepers, click on the "parody" label in the left-hand column of my blog (near the bottom) and you'll find a few other songs I've tailored to suit my own needs. My favorite, which you may have already seen, is "The Garbage Man Can."

    Creekhiker, they were good enough to keep me from feeling guilty until I finished them.

    Annie and Janet, I was reading
    "Whistling in the Dark" by Lesley Kagen, "Water for Elephants" by Sara Gruen," and "Bone Lake" by Drusilla Campbell, all fiction. I've been a sucker for a good story since I was a kid.

    Duly Inspired, you can have my weekend, but you may not want the floors that go along with it.

  7. I just LOVED Water for Elephants. You sound just like me...give me a good book to read, a comfy couch and I'm all set. Sigh ~ so many books, so little time.

  8. I'm always on the lookout for good fiction! I'll give those a try. I'm reading "My Sister's Keeper" by Jodi Picoult.


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