Monday, November 13, 2006

Holy crap! Blogger is down!

I'm late posting tonight because I was having a hard time thinking of anything to write about. A halfway good idea came to me while I was watching The Bachelor, but when I came back to the computer to write it up, I could no longer view my Velvet Sacks page.

If you can see this, you know that I was able to log on to, but whether this will post or not is a mystery. For now, I'm gonna forget about what I intended to write and hit the "publish" button to see if I can get this out there in time to keep my posting-something-every-day-during-November streak going.

Since I may not be able to see for myself whether this really and truly posted, could you possibly do me a favor? If you read this before midnight of November 13th, would you please send me a short e-mail ( to let me know it's up? I'd be so grateful. Here goes!


UPDATE: Well, Blogger seems to be working again. That was certainly weird. I could view some blogspot blogs and not others, and there was an "access denied" type of message when I tried to view my own. If you sent me an e-mail, I appreciate it, but guess my e-mail server is down. It's that kind of night, folks.


  1. Sent you a note but thought I would leave a comment too. Odd blogger error...each time I tried to pull up yours and a couple of other blogs I would get this message that I had been 'forbidden access'. It was starting to make me feel a little paranoid! ;) Carmon

  2. Carmon, thanks for posting a comment; it helped me see that I wasn't alone in Blogger's "shunning" last night. (Your e-mail never did show up.)

  3. Happened to me too. Weird how it was only some of the bloggspot blogs.

  4. this is exactly why I left blogspot. I couldnt deal with the outages any longer. when they blocked me from my own blog that was the final straw. DENIED. I don't have permission to access my own blog! That's cow pies I tell ya. so, I went to wordpress. so far they haven't "shunned" me or anything and I like being able to label entries. so far i'm fine with wordpress.



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