Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Nothing. Much ado about it.

Let's see, should I write about my early-morning trip to Baton Rouge in pouring-down rain? Nah, the new service roads kept traffic moving pretty well, considering.

Oh, I know, what about the fact that it was a trip to the dentist? Nope. It was just a routine cleaning, nothing interesting about that. I suppose I could get a paragraph or two out of the dentist's extra charge of $47 for spending less than a minute to tighten a wire on my partial with a pair of pliers. Huh-uh. I didn't believe it; why should you?

Hmm. I might get some blog mileage out of stopping at home to let the dogs out on my way back to work after the dentist. It was still raining, so when Butch and Kadi came back inside, I had to dry them off with a towel, and I got yellow dog hair all over my black pants. No, I'd better just do with that idea what I did with the dog hair: brush it off and say "to hell with it."

Oh! Okay, two hours after I got to work, I went to use the restroom and discovered that somebody had gone in there while I was at the dentist, somebody who didn't know that the toilet leaks if you don't jiggle the handle. I could write about discovering water standing all over the bathroom floor, water that ran across the hall and under the door into a corner of my office, where a cardboard box of files was wicking it up like a sponge. Another angle to that story would be the part where I tried to blot up the water, and we only had half a roll of paper towels, and I couldn't leave to buy more until my boss got back to the office, and after I finally went out and bought $12 worth of paper towels, I spent 45 minutes blotting up water. But maybe I shouldn't write about that either. To write it accurately, I'd have to include too much cursing.

This is hard. The only other thing I can think of to write about would be stopping at Taco Bell on the way home to get supper for Kim and me. There was a long line of cars, so instead of checking the bag they gave me immediately, I pulled up to let the next car get to the window, and it might be amusing to tell how I thought they'd given me the wrong order, how I waited five minutes for an opportunity to make a left-turn so I could go inside (in the rain) and get the right items, and how I finally gave up and drove home with the mystery order. The surprise ending could be how I apologized to Kim for not having the patience to wait, and how we opened the bag and it was exactly what we had ordered, only the wrappers said "chicken" on one side and "steak" on the other. Nah, that's not funny.

That settles it. I don't have anything to write about tonight. I'm just gonna post a couple of pictures.


  1. Velvet, that pic is awesome. Sorry you had such a wet day. My poor mom did too. Her fridge died and she was out driving around in that mess trying to find a new one! Hope tomorrow is drier and even more blog worthy! Holly

  2. Well I'm glad your 'nothing' day gave you an excuse to post that gorgeous lichen photo. That one would look stunning on a card! Carmon

  3. the lichen and acorn photo is great. until i got so old i was afraid of falling and being in the wood for days with a broken hip one of my favorite things was to walk in the woods.

  4. Poor Velvet, what a day you had! But it sure made for a funny read. The photos weren't half bad, either! ;-)

    Run, Velvet, run! You've reached the summit - it's all down hill from here!

  5. Rain, rain, go away . . . but I guess it'll be a few days yet before the sunny skies return.

  6. Messy wet day, lovely sweet photos.

  7. Sorry haven't been around to comment or cheer you on Velvet, having a spot of vision trouble at the moment, but I've bookmarked my last *read* and will catch up soon.
    Keep going...you are doing a grand job. :-)

  8. Creekhiker, thanks. We had terrible storms in the night, but today was sunny. Very windy, though.

    Carmon and Patsy, glad you liked the lichen photo. I'd like to say I took a long walk in the woods to capture that shot, but the truth is a lichen-covered brancy fell from a neighbor's tree and ended up in a patch of leaves and acorns against the fence by my garbage can. That kind of takes the magic away now, doesn't it?

    Sunflower, I sure can't turn back now! Thanks again for the encouragement.

    Annie, this weather is confusing. I'm been switching back and forth between the heater and the air conditioner all week.

    Alison, "wet and messy" sums it up. At least I didn't have to blot up all the rain.

    Sandy, I'm sorry to hear you're having vision problems. Hope it's something that can be corrected. Take good care of yourself.

  9. That was "nothing"? That sounds like a great blogging opportunity day to me!

  10. Janet, I know, but I had to call it "nothing" because you had dibs on "ordinary." ;-)

  11. Velvet - oh, yeah, it was funny! Cute post - I like the way you can write about 'nothing' and make it so funny. Life can be a pain, or inspiration for finding the smile factor in it. And your pictures are great, as always.

  12. Jackie, sometimes it's wonderful to be able to see the absurdity in a situation, and sometimes it's problematic--like when something strikes me as hysterically funny and I'm the only one who thinks so.


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