Saturday, November 04, 2006

It's a's a plane...

Although I've never witnessed it, I'm sure it takes my son-in-law longer to get undressed than it takes you or me. The ballcap would come off first, of course, then the Nike sneakers and socks, followed by the sweatshirt or T-shirt (depending on the season), and the pants. That would leave him standing there in his Superman suit. I'm positive he wears one, and if cell phones hadn't caused the near extinction of phone booths, I'm sure I'd have seen it by now. He's come to my rescue too many times to count.

Today he fixed my heater.

First he mowed the lawn, and when I went outside to thank him, he made the mistake of asking, "Is everything else okay?" I swear I wouldn't have mentioned the heater if he hadn't asked, but he did and I did. And in about 20 minutes he had it working. He checked a number of things, in the progressive, systematic way he does everything, and found a sticky valve. He unstuck it.

And tomorrow morning, while he's up early tucking the tail of his red cape into his jeans, Kadi, Butch and I will be toasty warm.


  1. Awww, what a nice story! Makes me all warm and fuzzy. . . glad you will be too!

    Supermen are too far and few between - how wonderful that your daughter found hers.

  2. I almost forgot - "Run, Velvet, run!" You're on a roll!

  3. Your son-in-law has all the qualities of a real hero superman, Velvet. Mowed your lawn and fixed your heating, definately my kind of hero.

    So glad he was there to help you out ~ snuggle up with your dogs and enjoy the warmth.

  4. Now that IS a hero.

    And you do have a wonderful way of introducing the story and then telling it. I think you write beautifully, Velvet.

  5. That's great! Saved you a lot of money, too!

    Velvet, people without Blogger accounts can't comment on your blog-can you check the box in to allow non-Blogger comments?

  6. Sunflower, you're good at this cheering thing (waving at you as I run).

    Sandy, he's definitely one of the good guys. It's comfy in here today.

    Annie, thanks. I appreciate your words of encouragement.

    Janet, you're not kidding! I can't wait to call the heating & air people tomorrow and tell them "nevermind."

    Oh, and I appreciate the commenting tip. I knew that was the case but didn't realize Blogger would let me change it. Should be fixed now.

    LOL!! I was just about ready to publish this comment when I realized the first four letters requested for word verification were D-O-R-K. How appropriate.

  7. Dork! That's funny, but not you Velvet. How magnificent to have the man of steel in the family! My son in law is a sweety, but when he "fixes" something, we generally have to call in a professional right after.

  8. Velvet, what a lucky woman you are to be related to Superman! Glad you are going to have some heat there and can sit all toasty warm and enjoy looking at your freshly mown lawn. I think my son-in-law is a man of steel, too, but lives 500 miles away!

  9. Kat and Jackie, I am lucky. It would be enough that he loves my daughter, but that handyman-factor is quite a bonus.


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