Monday, November 17, 2008

You show me yours...

...and I'll show you mine.

Patsy posted a beautiful picture of a squirrel today, and since I happened to catch a squirrel in my camera lens recently, I thought I'd join her in a little squirrely show and tell.

This guy was hanging out in a tree above the bench where my younger daughter, Kelli, and I rested a few weekends ago when we spent a delightful afternoon touring the grounds and gardens of Houmas House Plantation.

Evidently accustomed to visitors, he was watching us as intently as we watched him. He moved slowly through the tree from one vantage point to another, keeping a curious eye on us the whole time. I'm guessing he may have encountered visitors with edibles once or twice in his life.

Patsy wrote about having squirrel for dinner, and I know there are avid squirrel hunters here in Louisiana, too. I remember sampling squirrel stew one time in the late '60s, but when I was taking pictures of this pretty squirrel, it didn't occur to me to think of him as a menu item.

I hope I never do begin thinking of squirrels as food. I have a hard enough time looking cows in the eye.


  1. my point is if times get hard enough we could eat squirrels, turkeys,quail and other things which I will post in the coming days. not me my problem is how to get the frig. door closed with all the food I have in it.

  2. This reminded me of a play I was in, in the sixties, in grade school. I made a mask that made me a squirrel , or so I thought. The song I sang went like this:

    Funny little squirrel,
    running up a tree,
    fast fast fast, as he can be,
    soon he will come down
    to see what he can find,
    then up and up he goes
    with his bushy tail behind.

    I can still sing the tune, you just can't hear it!
    Funny how I remember that after 40 years ;)

  3. My family eats squirrel quite often. It makes the best gravy and you know how Southerners love their gravy.

  4. Patsy, I got your point. I know a lot of people eat them, and if I were hungry enough, I'd be asking you for your squirrel recipe. There was a time I couldn't imagine eating a crawfish; now I love 'em.

    Maxngabbie, isn't it funny how we remember those grade school plays? Plus, I still remember the words to a couple of things my girls performed when they were little.

    Creekhiker, you're not the first person to tell me how good squirrel gravy is. I think my city girl background is creating some kind of mental block here.

  5. How about some squirrel foot earrings? Not mine, nooooo, not mine.


  6. I have not to my knowledge ever eaten squirrel and it is in no way in my plans... yech.


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