Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Cake art

At some time while I was doing assorted things that kept me from getting here until late this evening, I was flipping through TV channels and came across "Ace of Cakes" on the Food Network. I love to see the creativity of these master bakers and cake decorators. What could be more appealing than edible art?

Anyway, the show reminded me of a cake we commissioned for a co-worker's birthday a few months ago. The birthday guy is something of a Mr. Fix-It on the side, so we requested a toolbox cake. And the talented lady who baked it? Baking cakes is her sideline; in her day job she's an attorney.

Here's the cake:

Pretty cool, huh?


  1. I decorated cakes in another life and my day job has to do with getting designs on pastries...I'm always a sucker for these shows.

    One of my favorite beadmakers confessed recently to watching ace of cakes before torching for inspiration. Now that would just make me hungry....

  2. I love http://cakewrecks.blogspot.com It always makes me laugh!

  3. Very cool. Go to this address http://my-dreamtime.blogspot.com/2008_06_01_archive.html
    and see the cake my husband got for me (the gardener) for my birthday. He has a friend that makes them for a living.


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