Sunday, November 23, 2008


I'm not one to spend a lot of time on the telephone, but apparently there's enough of a pattern to my phone chats that Butch and Kadi have learned all the signs. I've noticed in the past that they always ask to go outside as soon as I hang up, but I've assumed they were just getting up because I did. That might have been part of it, but I learned tonight that it's not the whole story.

Earlier this evening I had a long phone visit with my sister, during which Butch and Kadi both slept on the sofa beside me. Near the end of the conversation, I told my sister I'd enjoyed the visit and asked her to "give my love to everybody there." I hadn't moved, and I hadn't said goodbye, but both dogs leaped up simultaneously, jumped off the sofa, and stood excitedly in front of me, wagging their tails in anticipation. I have no idea what words or behavior signaled them.

My sister was still on the line, so I told her what was going on. "You should see them," I said. "They know the call is ending."

My sister laughed. "There's no telling how many secrets they've heard you tell. If I were you, I wouldn't let them talk to the neighbor dogs for a few days."


  1. Mabel knows when I'm ending a call too. I often deal with East Coast clients before taking her to the creek in the morning. Even if I have several calls to make, she knows the last one is over and comes into the office before I hang up!

  2. Every time I get on my computer, my dog will ask to go outside. I just figured it was her way of getting attention when she thought the computer was getting too much. You know they are a whole lot smarter than we give them credit for. Bless their little puppy dog hearts!

  3. My little dog Sweetie does the same thing, except here's how it goes down. Right before the conversaton ends she comes and sits in front of me and stares. She is part Jack Russell and remember how Eddie used to stare at Frasier on that TV show? That's what she does, but she knows the code word is "bye" and as soon as I say it she does her "I want to go outside dance." It is really funny to read your dogs do that. WHO knows! Aren't they wonderful?

  4. Spot always barks when Mom is saying goodbye to someone she's been chatting on the phone with. He'll bark before she hangs up, and after she hangs up, he'll come up to her, dancing around and still barking. I wonder if peoples' voices change a little when they're winding down a conversation? Or if "bye-bye" is the giveaway? I figure he's saying he's glad she shut up and started paying attention to him.

    Val-I've seen Spot staring with what I assume is deep hatred at my computer!

  5. Oh can you imagine? What a funny thought!


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