Friday, November 14, 2008

Separation anxiety (mine)

I left work a little bit late this afternoon, made a quick stop at the post office, then found myself unable to make a necessary left turn in the rush-hour traffic. After throwing in the towel, I turned right instead, intending to go to the second traffic light, where I could turn left with a green arrow and double back to the route I wanted to take.

It wasn't so easy. Roadwork blocked off the route I knew, and I was forced to zigzag my way through an unfamiliar neighborhood until I found a through street.

Running late wouldn't have been such a big deal except that I knew Butch and Kadi would be concerned. They like their routine, and they seem to have a pretty good handle on what time of day certain things are supposed to happen. Also, they'd been alone all day. Kim and her pooches are normally at my house for part of the day, but today they didn't come over. Yep, I thought, Butch and Kadi will be waiting anxiously.

I drove under the carport about twenty minutes later than usual, parked the car, locked it with the keyless-entry fob that causes a short honk, and noticed as I unlocked the house (noisily) that I didn't hear my dogs. In fact, it was so quiet I felt an immediate pang of concern.

I flipped a light switch, dropped my purse on the coffee table, and rushed toward the den where I'd left the dogs at lunchtime. That's when I saw Butch on the futon. He raised his head and pointed his nose in my direction. Kadi, on the dog bed nearby, lifted her head then, too, and blinked at me like a deer caught in the headlights.

I woke them up.

Bless their little hearts. They were obviously so anxious about my tardiness that they forced themselves to go to sleep to keep from worrying, right?


  1. Most certainly that's what they did! I have the same pangs when I leave Mabel. I'm going to be away during the day all weekend and I'm already fretting!

  2. I guess they knew you were worrying enough for everyone, so they decided to catch some zzz's!

    I have times like that, usually when I go out shopping, when I return I'll see Spot's little face peering out the door waiting for me. Then again, sometimes I hustle with my errands, knowing Spot is waiting, and when I pull up to the house, there's no little face in the door-even when I shut the car door. Or when I walk up to the house. Or when I climb the steps and finally see him...laying in the doorway, and then when I get to the door he lifts his head as if I was disturbing his beauty sleep. Then, he might bark or he might not. Makes me want to turn around and go away and come back and try again!

  3. LOL!! Of course! They wore themselves out and had to nap. :)


  4. Its amazing how they know the time of day. Maybe our recent time change got their inner clocks off screwed up. I hate making left turns and will frequently turn right and go around the block or up to an intersection with a traffic light to help, like you did...sometimes its faster to do it that way, as well as safer.

  5. Creekhiker, the older they get, the harder it is to be away from them.

    Janet, I often come into the house to find Butch and Kadi eating and drinking as if they've been waiting impatiently for me to get home. I figure they're rationing until they're sure I'm home to refill their dishes.

    Sassystoppers, just when I think I can predict what they'll do, they surprise me.

    Thailandchami, thanks for visiting my blog. I hope you'll come again.

    Val, I go to work by one route and come home by another, all to avoid unnecessary (unprotected) left turns. I don't need the stress.


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