Friday, November 28, 2008


It's late, so I'll just post a couple of short items tonight:

1. There were no deviled eggs at our Thanksgiving dinner. It was as if the shells of those boiled eggs were superglued to the whites. I ended up doing as I thought I might, chopping up the whites I could salvage and stirring them into the yolk mixture, making a deviled-egg salad. It wasn't as festive as deviled eggs would have been, but it tasted just as good. Plus, it traveled a whole lot better.

2. The rest of the dinner was wonderful. I ate too much at lunchtime and then did it all over again for supper, and everything was just as good the second time around. I was so miserable after consuming all that food that you'd have thought I'd learned a lesson, but I woke up this morning craving another helping of sweet potato crunch.

3. Lucy and Winston spent the night last night. At one point this morning, all four dogs were on the sofa with me. It wouldn't have been comfortable for long, but for the ten minutes it lasted, it was pretty special.

4. Speaking of the dogs, Butch does something that drives me batty. He comes up to me while I'm at the computer and uses his nose to knock my right hand off the mouse. If he does it several times, I give up, stop typing, and get up to let him outside. The minute I stand up, he hurries to his food dish and starts eating, so I have to stand there and wait for him. I wish I could convince him to eat first and then let me know he needs something.

5. I'm behind on reading other people's blogs and leaving comments, as well as responding to comments on my own. I'm also behind on answering e-mails. If I owe you, I'm sorry, and I'll catch up as soon as I can.

That's it for now. Good night.


  1. Meander, our Golden, will seldom eat unless we are, or are sitting at the dining table, talking.

    I wonder if wild canine memories stir and they feel safer with us hovering near their sustenance...

    On the other hand, our last dog would eat if the ceiling was falling. Now that I think about it, he did.


  2. Sorry your deviled eggs were devilish! I do have to ask: sweet potato crunch - is there a recipe???

    Mabel spins my office chair with her paw when I've been on the computer too long for her liking!

  3. now there's a mystery with the deviled eggs. Try making hard boiled eggs for yourself, I bet they'll be perfect!

    Maybe Butch just wants to know you're close by when he's eating. Spot won't eat if I'm in another room at his suppertime. I guess he can't enjoy his food if he knows I'm having fun without him in another room.


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