Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Keeping us safe

The six o'clock news this evening included one small segment about Veterans' Day, not as much coverage as our veterans and enlisted men and women deserve, perhaps, but enough to start me thinking about them.

While I watched that news program, I sat on the sofa in my comfy living room. The lamplight in the room gave it a pleasant glow. There was a good book on the end table, close enough to read a few pages during commercials so I wouldn't have to be bored for even two minutes. I'd just finished eating a delicious dinner, leftovers from the Lebanese-restaurant lunch my daughter had brought with her when she visited earlier today. Butch lay sleeping at the other end of the sofa, Kadi on the floor by my feet. They'd spent time outside this afternoon, sunning themselves in the grass in the fenced-in patch of earth that's ours. I felt safe at that moment, and in that safety, I felt gratitude.

Thank you, veterans, for keeping us safe in our homes.

This World War II photo was sent home to my grandparents by their son, my Uncle Neale (standing second from left in front of the Little Helper.)


  1. Great post. I thought a lot about my WWII dad today. He was a glider pilot. I never really gave it much thought until I heard Walter Cronkite describe being in one...NO engine!

  2. Amen, Velvet, Amen. I remember my dad was so proud to serve in the Army during WWII. He had immigrated here when he was 16 from Europe and he felt this was the ultimate in being a citizen. I have walked up to many a veteran and said "thank you".

  3. Yes, we don't appreciate what they did enough. I try to be thankful to them several times a year, not just on Veteran's Day.


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