Saturday, March 16, 2013

"My Love Is Like a Melody . . ."

The most recent homework assignment for our Life Writing class is to write about love. The week has almost gone by, and I haven't started on it yet. There's a lot I could write about romantic love, but I want my story to have a positive, upbeat ending. That hasn't been my experience with romance.

Familial love is the kind that's always been truest for me. There, too, I'm stumped. We're supposed to make our stories detailed: names, dates, places, physical descriptions. If I write that much information about all the people I love, there won't be time to read it aloud. So how do I choose? Who do I choose? Who do I leave out? I'll figure it out somehow.

In the meantime, thinking about my loved ones made it easy to decide on this week's Saturday Song Selection. It's a love song, it's an oldie--a real oldie, written in 1794 by the Scottish poet Robert Burns--and it always reminds me of the deep love I feel for the two bonnie lasses who are my daughters. I hope it makes you think of someone special, too.

The song is "My Love Is Like a Red, Red Rose," performed by the late Eva Cassidy.
Thanks to vanu49again for posting the video and lyrics on YouTube.

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