Friday, March 15, 2013

Final Touches

Ten minutes ago I called myself finished with my first painting for the Acrylic Exploration class. It's far from perfect, but one thing I learned in this class is that nature paintings are very forgiving. And so am I. I'm happy to report that any perfectionistic tendencies I once had have long since fled the premises of my brain, leaving me free to experiment and live peacefully with my mistakes. Can I get a big hurrah for personal growth?

Errors aside, I'm happy enough with these first results that I plan to take a follow-up class when this one ends after two more sessions. It's hard to imagine I'll ever have the confidence to paint what I see in real life, but I'm sure having fun copying someone else's work.

It's Friday. It's warm and sunny. My painting is finished, and I'm headed outside to eat lunch and play fetch with Levi and Gimpy. Life is good.


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