Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Facebook Win!

In a conversation yesterday I made a statement that I have a love-hate relationship with Facebook. Last night I was reminded of one of the things I love about it.

Driving home from picking up dinner, I turned off of an extremely busy highway onto the narrow, two-lane road that leads to my street. It was very dark. My headlights picked up a black dog, barely visible, just as I passed it. It was walking at the edge of the road, heading toward the busy highway I'd just left, and my heart sank. I thought it was this dog:

This one is a neighbor's dog. She stays with me and my boys sometimes when her mom goes out of town. She's the only dog in the neighborhood that's turned out to roam on her own several times each day. That's always concerned me, but I tell myself it's none of my business.

Last night I made it my business. The minute I walked in the house, I called the neighbor. "Is Jelly Bean home?" I asked.

"Yes," she replied. "She's already in her bed."

Phew! I was relieved. I ate my dinner but was still worried about the black dog I'd seen on the busy road. I knew there was no safe way to go back and try to pick it up in that kind of traffic.

Half an hour later I checked Facebook. Because I have "liked" the FB page of the neighborhood veterinarian, posts on that page show up on my newsfeed. The first post I saw was this one, posted by a neighbor, obviously, but one I don't know:

This boy just roamed into my yard. He's very sweet, super skinny and limping. I can't keep him. Please share. I live in [name of area] and can be reached at [telephone number].

Way to go, Social Media!


  1. Yay, Linda! I agree with you about FB. Just when I think I'm going to stop looking at it completely, something good like this happens. Also, you and I are on the same brain wave again. This morning two big dogs wandered up to my front door. I went out, in my nightgown, to "talk" to them. Soon I heard someone calling from the street. He was driving a motor home, looking for his dogs. I started yelling, "Here, here," and led them out to the street, still in my nightgown. I guess love of animals trumps vanity.

  2. Good news indeed! I wish I could save all the pups! But know that my own safety and that of my own pup has to come first. But my heart breaks every time I see a loose pup!

  3. Social Media does indeed have it's goods and bads. This was a good!
    xo Catherine


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