Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Ah, Spring!

Spring has officially arrived, but the brilliant pinks and blues and greens we associate with it are missing today. It's rainy and drab outside. I don't mind. I saw enough signs of spring yesterday to tide me over until the gray is gone.

When I go to the post office, which I did yesterday, I know the trip will be a slow one with frequent stops at traffic lights and long waits for construction where a third lane is being added to the highway. That means there'll be plenty of opportunity to snap a picture or two, so I always take my camera along. If you don't mind looking through my dirty car windows, you might enjoy some of the color I saw yesterday:

No flowers in this shot, but aren't the trees gorgeous?

Azaleas bursting into bloom at the post office.

More azaleas and another amazing oak tree.

Still another beautiful oak, this one by the Catholic church.

These townhouses were already architecturally
charming; the pretty red flowers add to the effect.

There's even a tiny patch of pale pink azaleas next to the
car wash (where I should have gone but didn't).

So, come on, Spring. You've given us a hint, now show your stuff.

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