Tuesday, February 05, 2013


When we had sidewalks poured in the backyard about two years ago, the stepping stones they replaced were picked up and stacked in front of the garden shed to wait for me to decide where I wanted to use them.

They're still there. Unless I'm actively thinking about what to do with them, I don't even notice them anymore. Apparently, someone does.

The other day I saw Levi pull up short as he was trotting past them. He stopped, sniffed, then stood on his hind legs and stretched to sniff the top of the stack. When I walked out to see what had captured his interest, I found this little mess:

While I've been looking for squirrels to photograph in the treetops, it seems at least one of them has come down from the trees and enjoyed a pecan picnic lunch atop my stepping-stone version of Lookout Mountain.

I wish I hadn't missed that shot.

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