Sunday, February 24, 2013

Involuntary Confinement

A neighbor around the corner whose deep backyard extends all the way across mine must have bought himself a new gun. Twice in the last couple of weeks I've heard shots being fired and looked out to see him having target practice. This afternoon I heard gunfire coming from a different direction, either across the road that runs in front of my house or  across the side street, near the corner. Apparently another neighbor is practicing to use deadly force if necessary.

I've read about the rush to buy guns in light of pending legislation. Although I think it's stupid for someone who never thought they needed a gun before to run out and buy one now "just in case," I respect their right to give in to their Fox-News-induced fears and buy a weapon to protect themselves.

I also understand that I live outside the limits of an incorporated city and that, without the restrictions of city ordinances, people in my neighborhood are as free to fire their guns as they are to shoot off their fireworks, which I'm also not crazy about. If they're going to have guns, I guess it's a good thing that they're working to improve their aim, but the sound of gunshots in the neighborhood still scares me.

I've mentioned here before that my little sister was shot by a ricocheting bullet fired by a neighbor who was aiming at a squirrel up in a tree. Fortunately, that neighbor was far enough away that the only damage to my sister was a big red welt on her neck. Unless my current neighbors are crack shots--and I have no way of knowing if they are or not--I'm concerned about the possibility of a bullet going astray. One bullet. That's all it takes.

So go ahead. Knock yourself out playing with your guns. Levi and Gimpy and I will stay in the house until you finish.


  1. Our neighbor goes out in the pasture and fires over and over. We have a squirrel dog kennel so all the dogs bark and bark and try to break out of their pens. If we have one out, they will try to go to the shooting person. It drives me crazy. We have complained to the county. This same person grips if we trim a cedar on our right of way to our house. My husband is nice to him...but I am tired of it. It makes me want to get my one gun--410 shot gun--and go out and shoot toward his target. We live 2 miles from the interstate, not really too rural. I just describe him as rude!

  2. Oh my goodness! I must say, I truly do not understand the USA's gun laws - or lack there of. How scary that your sister was shot by a stray bullet. I can certainly understand you feeling like staying inside the house while the neighbours are 'practicing' with their guns!!
    Stay safe my friend!
    xo Catherine


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