Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Trinkets and Treasures - No. 8

We're definitely in trinket territory today, but there's something about this particular napkin-holder that appeals to me every time I see it. I bought it at least thirty years ago, in Georgia, I think. Though it's no longer in use (my "napkins" come on a roll now), it's always on display somewhere in my kitchen.

Who would have thought that a handful of colorful grains, encapsulated in Lucite, would have the power to make me happy for so many years?


  1. I enjoy you sharing your stories of these special items of yours. I think the napkin holder is lovely.

  2. It's very pretty! I've seen this technique done on kitchen cupboard windows. Very cool!
    xo Catherine

  3. Just wondering what you associate it with? Did you enjoy living in Georgia or does it evoke a particular memory or feeling?

  4. I like it! It would make me happy too, I'd like seeing all those things that will never go bad as long as the Lucite doesn't break.

  5. Duly Inspired, thank you. I've worried that the "trinkets and treasures" posts would be boring to readers.

    Catherine, it wouldn't have occurred to me that there might be cupboard windows made like this. What a great idea!

    SDC, I did enjoy living in Georgia, but I don't associate the napkin holder with that. In fact, I don't really associate it with anything. I guess it would be a treasure instead of a trinket if it evoked a special time or place, but I think I just really like the looks of seeds, spices, etc., and this is a nice display of them. Good questions, though.

    Janet, I'm thinking that chunk of Lucite will last longer than I do.


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