Sunday, October 30, 2011

Fluff 'n' stuff

When my Facebook account was "unavailable" for a couple of days this past week, I realized how much I've come to rely on that particular social network to keep up with what my friends and family members are doing. Big events usually rate a phone call, of course, but it's fun to know the little, moment-to-moment things, too.

Facebook and Blogger are both owned by Google, so my Google account password and login ID work for both FB and Blogger. Google was working properly, Blogger was working as it usually does, but Facebook was down. Late on the evening of the second frustrating day, I happened to check my third-party stat-counter for this blog. Whoa! There had been 730 hits that day, many multiples of the usual amount, and when I took a closer look, I discovered that all those visits were supposedly from me.

The stat-counter is set up so that it doesn't count visits from my IP address. The website showed that that feature was operating properly, and yet, there I was, 730 times. It's conceivable that I might have viewed Velvet Sacks a dozen times that day, and, out of frustration, I'm sure I may have visited Facebook twice an hour to see if it was working yet. I'm equally sure I've never visited any site 730 times in a day ever.

Seems fishy to me, but everything seems to be working right again.


It's turned cooler here in the last few days, cold enough to wear a jacket outside and cold enough to force me to give up my breakfasts outside. Fortunately, there's a patch of sunshine just my size on the patio at lunchtime. I'll miss those fresh-air meals when winter sets in.


My daughter called yesterday to see if I wanted to ride with her to Barnes & Noble, and I did, although I didn't intend to buy anything. Kim didn't find everything she was looking for at B&N, so we also went to Books-a-Million and Hobby Lobby before she decided she'd have to order what she needed online. I, on the other hand, bought a couple of things   at each of those places. You might think that indicates a lack of impulse control on my part, but you should have seen some of the wonderful things I admired and didn't buy.


As I write this, acorns are falling on the tin roof of my neighbor's garden shed. Each one   that hits sounds like a gunshot. Butch can't hear them, and Levi has heard them so many times he's no longer interested. Because I know the source of the sound, I actually kind of like it. It's an autumn kind of sound.


  1. That sound is similar to "Fall-like" as crunching acorns when walking down the driveway. I love it! :-)

  2. That's odd, I didn't notice FB was down, though there were a few days when I couldn't get on it due to "maintenance". And it's weird that your blog got so many hits from yourself.

    I bet the squirrels are happy about those acorns!

  3. For the first time ever, my date palm reaches over my aluminum patio awning... and I'm discovering the fall sound... I hate when they wake me up at night!

  4. Duly Inspired, I love the sound of crunching acorns.

    Janet, my daughter was here, using her computer on the same wireless router mine was on, and she had no problem on FB. I googled the error message and found out that this is a fairly common occurrence, but there was no real explanation for it.

    Holly, I bet you'll get so used to that sound that you won't even notice it.


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