Saturday, October 01, 2011

Saturday morning quickies

I swore that when I retired I wouldn't be one of those stay-at-home women who wait to do their shopping until late evening or the weekend, the only times working women have to take care of that chore. But here we are on a Saturday, the dog food bag is nearly empty, and if I'm going out for that, I'll get some groceries while I'm there.


The temperature here turned over with the calendar page. My computer tells me it's 58 degrees outside right now, but I don't believe it's that cold yet. I ate breakfast on the patio earlier, sitting in the sunshine and enjoying the absence of heat for a change, but I still had to take my sweater off before I came back inside. I don't know what the actual temperature is, but whatever it is, it's perfect.


Yesterday I was so excited about finding a way to make my photos show up better on Blogger that I tweaked code all the way back to June of 2010, which is apparently when the problem started. Coincidentally, that was when I switched to one of the newer Blogger templates. I checked some earlier photos and found that the photo code was written differently on the old template. I love the designs of the newer templates, so I guess you win some and lose some with them, just as you do with everything else in life.


If you're getting sick and tired of looking at my vacation photos, you might want to skip the next couple of posts, because I still plan to post pics from Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge. Then, after I've posted about the trip on more days than we were actually away, my online trip diary will be complete, and I can move on. And hope you haven't. Moved on.

I do want to post one photo today, only because it won't fit in with either of the remaining vacation posts. Since some of you who saw it on Facebook have already commented about it here, I thought some of the rest of you might enjoy it, too. (Click the photo to enlarge it and read the signs.)

On the road between Maggie Valley and Cherokee, Tennessee.


  1. Moonshine jelly, and frog jam? Love the photo!

  2. Annette and Sandy, thanks. The scenery in that photo does have a certain amount of charm, doesn't it?

  3. I'm still disappointed you didn't get frog jam and moonshine jelly-if nothing else, to display! Did you pick up any souvenirs? I was wondering if the crockery was any good. I hope there wasn't a "Made in China" sticker on the bottoms of them.


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