Sunday, October 16, 2011

Autumn Leaves - Haiku

Autumn blows a kiss
to South Louisiana,
leaves us wanting more.


  1. Gorgeous photo, Linda... YES---I love Autumn... Right now, it's blowing kisses (in the way of falling leaves) all over our yard!!!!! ha ha ... Gotta get out and rake and blow leaves!!!!

  2. Betsy, it sounds to me like Autumn is doing a little more than kissing in your part of the country. In fact, if the trees in your yard are already shedding their clothes, I'd say y'all are being well loved. :)

    California Girl, you just don't know what I'd give to see some red ones.

  3. The Cariboo is cloaked in yellow, with dots of red here and there. A windstorm last night has taken most of the leaves, just in time for the first snowfall to cover the tree's branches. xx

  4. Marion, I could live with "cloaked in yellow." What I have in the view from my backyard is one measly yellow tree.

  5. The trees in my neighbors' yards barely had time to change before wind blew them down...mostly into my yard. Still, I come across a nice one now and then. Makes me melancholy, knowing this is some of the last color in Nature that I'll see for several months.


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