Saturday, April 22, 2006

The monster under my computer desk

I just had the silliest experience, but for a tiny moment I was frightened enough that a chill ran down my spine.

Since I finished my last post, I've been sitting at the computer doing "next blog" searches for something interesting to read. I'd been at it a while when I shifted in my chair, and all of a sudden, my mouse jerked away from me. I grabbed it and held on tightly to keep it from being pulled off the backside of the keyboard tray, but it seemed as if it had come to life and was fighting against my hand. I rolled back in my chair, trying to look under the desk, but the struggle kept getting worse and worse. Finally, I spotted the "culprit." Apparently, while I'd had my legs stretched out under the desk earlier, the mouse cord had become entangled in the buckle on my sandal, so the farther I moved the chair back, the harder the mouse "fought" to move in the opposite direction.

Whew! Now I feel better.


  1. some times a computer scares me but never been afraid of the mouse.

  2. Been there done that -- late at night ..Dogs were out , husband was gone on a trip and I was alone the the "horrifying mouse"..


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