Sunday, April 23, 2006

Lola was once a working girl

This photo of my maternal grandmother is one of my most treasured possessions. It was taken at the telephone exchange in Waynesville, Missouri in 1917, two years before she met my grandfather. In 1984 she wrote to my older daughter about work and marriage:

"I was so happy to get your letter, and lets keep it up through the year.
I'm glad you have a good job, and I think any job or any thing you do gets boreing at times, but when you think of the people out of work and hungry. Usualy when I get bored I count my blessings and most of the time they are the most.

"I hope you and your boyfriend are doing fine go with him and get really acquianted. But that was not my case. I was going to bussiness college in another city from my home town a girl friend ask me to doubledate with a boy just home from the army (WWI) and we went to a show, that was on the 10th of July and the 1st of Oct. we were married 47 yrs. (or until death did we part) and it wasn't always a bed of roses, we had our ups and downs."

I'm sure Mammaw and Packy did have their ups and downs, because everybody does, but they made sure that the grandkids never saw anything but the ups. What I remember most about their home, the home where I grew up, is the sense of love and security. It was a warm, safe place to be. Mammaw made it that way and Packy let it be. Ups and downs or not, they were good together.


  1. great letters from you people. the egg was a shade of brown but in the picture it does look like a easter egg.

  2. Those were the days, weren't they? I wonder if in twenty years we'll look back at today and think they were good old days?


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