Thursday, April 20, 2006

Ace Young was getting old... he had to go. Sorry for any of you who watched American Idol just so you could see him, but if you're being honest with yourself, don't you think a nice still photo of Ace would be an improvement somehow?

Tuesday night's show was outstanding--the best ever--but I'm worried about next week. I could listen to Andrea Bocelli sing for hours and hours, but I'm concerned that two weeks in a row of love songs will put Chris Daughtry in danger. He did a wonderful job on Tuesday and still ended up in the bottom three. And can you imagine Taylor Hicks, who absodamnlutely nailed it this week, singing anything that Andrea Bocelli would choose for him? It'll be interesting!

(If you've read this post, you may have figured out that I treat my blog exactly the way I treat my body: Sometimes I feed it something of substance, and sometimes I just stuff in some junk food and call that good enough. Sorry!)


  1. I thought Ace should have went last week...I mean, sheesh, he messed the lyrics up!!!

    As for Chris....I hope he can find a good deep sounding love song, cuz he's the one I'm rooting for! I so can't believe that he ended up in the bottom three!

  2. i just can't watch that show. i only watch murder shows. tells you something about me. i also read murder novels, i am really sick i guess.


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