Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Feeding my spirit

Much like the tortoise who only comes out of his shell to meet his basic needs for food, water and, once in a while,
the companionship of other tortoises, I am an introvert. By the middle of the work week, I literally ache for solitude and serenity, and I'm enormously grateful to come home and find it.

Work was fast-paced and hectic today. Any feelings of accomplishment I might have enjoyed on another day were overshadowed by the bruising and battering of unnecessary chatter and the noise of office machines, ringing phones, and traffic.

It's comforting, when I feel like this, to spend some time with Max Ehrmann's Desiderata, which is about as close to a religion as I have. My first exposure to this poem was at my daughter's sixth-grade graduation, when her whole class recited it. It's framed in my home and ingrained in my heart.

As I read about going "placidly amid the noise and haste," I feel myself getting calmer, and by the time I read for the thousandth time that I am "a child of the universe," I feel relaxed, at peace.

Certain music also soothes my frayed nerves, especially "A Whiter Shade of Pale," which is my all-time favorite song. Can you imagine my joy, then, as I Googled to find you a Desiderata link and found THIS?

That, my friends, is nourishment!


  1. God I wish I could write like you Linda. You have a wonderful blog.

    My experience with the tortoise species showed me they are not always introverts. I was in third grade in Kansas City MO. and was walking home from school when I discovered a small box turtle. I picked the little guy up and he immediately pulled his head into his shell. Still curious, I held him close to my face to look inside the shell. The next thing I knew, he stuck his head outside his shell and latched onto my nose. In total agony, I let go of him and started dancing a jig while the miserable little jerk just hung there for what seemed like an hour.

    Sometimes, when I’m brushing my teeth, I look in the mirror and see him hanging there.

    Never stick your nose in another turtle’s shell.


  2. Aaaaaandreeee!!! It's so great to see you here! I'll welcome you by disagreeing with you on two points: First, I've seen some of your writing, and it rocks! Second, I believe the turtle bit your nose precisely because he was an introvert. That being said, your funny turtle anecdote inspired some great visuals.

    Thanks so much for taking the time and trouble to post a comment. Love right back at you!

  3. hat was a nice site you googled


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