Thursday, February 02, 2012

Why don't you come on up and see me sometime?

Somewhere along the way, photography (including photo editing) has become my favorite hobby, edging out reading by the slightest of margins and writing by a bit more. Nothing else even comes close. Even when I haven't found time to post a new entry here, there'll be a fresh new image on my photo blog every single day. I simply love playing with all those little digital snippets of my life.

I started that blog exactly four months ago, October 2, 2011, with this picture of a played-out Levi:

Let me tell you it's been lonely over there. My stat-counter shows that the photo blog gets roughly, oh, one or two hits a day. Not exactly setting the world on fire, huh?

Now, I know the blogosphere is full of photographers whose skills and images far surpass mine, but mine are better than they used to be, and they're improving over time. And if you've come to know me through my words, you'll know me even better after seeing the images that have moved me enough to record them. I don't do much writing there, but if you have a question about a particular photo, I'll be glad to answer it in the "comments" section. can I get you to take a look? I've fixed the tab at the top of this blog so you can get to the photo blog with one click instead of two, and I've added a clickable icon on the sidebar, hoping it will catch your eye. May I offer you a cup of coffee or a glass of wine? Some hors d'oeuvres perhaps?

Please stop by now and then to support my latest obsession.


  1. That's okay, Holly. Glad I reminded you.

  2. I know I'm behind-I'll catch up!

  3. Haha! No pressure, Janet. On the high-traffic days when I had two hits, you were always one of them.

  4. Oops...I'm sorry too as I also forgot about it. Putting up a link to it is a good idea.

  5. Val, the trouble with a link on a tab (which was there since I started the photo blog) is that the tab disappears when the reader scrolls down the page to read a post. I'm hoping that the honkin' big icon in the sidebar will be a better reminder.


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