Monday, February 06, 2012

What I'm Reading Today: Down the Darkest Road

I started reading this book at four o'clock this morning, after Butch asked to go outside and then decided to mosey around the perimeter of the yard for what turned out to be half an hour. He's done that the last four nights, so I knew I might as well get up and make the  sleep interruption as pleasurable as possible.

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description and reviews of this book.

I'm not very far into the book yet, but so far, so good.

UPDATED TO ADD:  I just read this snippet of dialogue and had to post it:
"I'll never get the sentencing for attempted murder," Tanner said, shaking her head. "Why should they get off light because they were incompetent? The idea was for the victim to die, right?"
I've voiced that question so many times. (Just goes to show you why I wasn't completely comfortable in my job at the Public Defenders' Office.)


  1. Usually I like her books very much, but I had to make myself finish it. It seemed she repeated the same psychological stuff over and over and over.

  2. Lucylocket, if I get to the point where I would have to make myself finish it, I probably won't. Just came back from the library with four more I've been looking forward to reading.


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