Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Stop the reposting madness!

If you're on facebook, you've probably already encountered some of the "reposting bullies" who write a sentimental tribute to some group of people, a tribute that only an ogre could find objectionable, and then, in the last sentence, imply that your failure to repost it signifies disagreement. It's that last sentence that drives me NUTS!

Tonight I've written my own message to those bullies, and I'll post it on facebook right after I publish it here. You guys are my friends, so I'm bringing it to you first. You know I like you, right?

 Okay, let’s get something straight: I love my children and my children’s children. I love my siblings. I loved my mother and my father when they were alive and I continue to honor their memory. I love my friends. I love God as I perceive Him to be. I love America and the men and women in uniform who fight to keep us safe. I love dogs, and, if I knew any cats, I’d probably love them, too. If anyone asks me whether or not I love some person, place, or thing mentioned above, my answer is, “Hell, yes!” If anyone challenges me to prove my love for someone or something by copying and reposting a facebook status, I will NOT do it. I will not even bother to type out a response that says what I’m really thinking: “Who does this silly shit? Grow up!” The people I love already know that I love them, and they know that my unwillingness to copy and repost someone else’s words on the subject means only that I cannot be led like some kind of stupid Internet sheep. If asked to repost something that will help find a missing child, spread the word about a harmful product recall, or (if I ever move to a third-world country) announce the location of a freedom rally to overthrow a dictator, I might consider it. Otherwise? Not a chance. If you like this post, copy this as your status. I’ll be watching to see who can’t be pushed around by their facebook friends.


  1. I agree with you, BUT I think this is the nature of Facebook. I got off of Facebook because it was objectionable in this and many other ways.

  2. And I love these words! And second them! :-)

  3. I look at the repost crap as the Facebook version of the chain letter. I always relished throwing those darn things in the recycling bin and if someone online keeps posting that crap... they get on my ignore list really fast!

    Good job Velvet. Excuse me if I don't repost!

  4. I agree, I just ignore such requests to repost. I feel offended when those requests imply that I'm not patriotic, etc. if I don't repost them. I've seen too many "reposts" that turn out to be spam, so I distrust those "repost" posts.

  5. Christine, I like Facebook for keeping up with family and friends I don't see often. Fortunately, I don't have that many fb friends, so the benefits have outweighed the annoyances so far.

    Duly Inspired, motion seconded and passed.

    Tony, thanks.

    Holly, hahaha, you're excused.

    Annette, watch out! I might be tempted to accept a dare from you.

    Janet, that's it exactly: "I feel offended..."
    and I also always suspect it's spam. Especially if it says something like "post as your status for one minute," which makes me think that's just long enough to infect the reposter's computer with a virus.

  6. Tee hee -- well ranted, Linda!


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