Sunday, July 23, 2006

Two steps forward, one step back

First step forward:
Uncovering the stepping stones. When I moved here, there were stepping stones from the driveway back to the shed only. If we wanted to go from the patio to the shed or from the patio to the driveway, especially if rain had turned the backyard swampy, we were S.O.L.

I'd thought about adding more stepping stones years before we did it, but Butch's impending blindness was the motivation I needed to finally get it done. I wanted him to become familiar with them while he still had a little vision, so we rushed the project and completed it mere weeks before his eye surgery.

The stepping stones weren't my idea; I'd read about their usefulness in a book on blind dogs and I can testify to their value. Butch depends on them. If we call him when he's way at the back of the property, he takes off in a trot toward the house. He runs until his feet touch the stepping stones, then follows their path to the patio. Today, thanks to a crew of people with weedeaters and edgers, we reclaimed them from the thick St. Augustine grass that threatened to swallow them.

Second step forward:
This afternoon I spent an hour or so with the ongoing project of scanning all my old photos. This was a baby step, but a step in the right direction nonetheless. I could scan them much faster if I could control my need to study each and every one of them, but then it would be just labor. Doing it this way is a labor of love.

And one step back:
A step in time, that is. Friday night I had the pleasure of a phone call from friends we'd known in 1970 when we lived in Miami. They were good friends for the year and a half we were there, and after we moved away, we stayed in touch through Christmas cards for a few years. Then we moved again...and then they moved...and after a couple more moves for each of us, we lost touch.

Thanks to the Information Age and the excellent memory of the husband in this pair, he tracked my ex to the home of my former mother-in-law, who told him of Hus2's death and gave him a clue that led him to a successful Internet search for me.

It was fun to spend time on the phone catching up with them. We've all lived through a lot since those carefree days, and we've all changed a lot, too--inside and out.

While the inside changes may have been the most profound, the outside are the most obvious. This photo was taken in Miami in 1970. My girls grew into women a long time ago, and I grew, too, expanding my horizons as well as my waistline. I like to think that the free-spirited woman pictured here is still very much a part of who I am, but, much like an old tree, I have a lot more rings beneath my bark than I did 36 years ago. Inside and out.


  1. Wow, nice Corvette! I've been scanning old photos too, and they do bring back memories.

  2. Check YOU out!! That is a very nice picture of a Mom and her girls.

  3. i have always pictured you as a burnett, don't know why. in this picture you could be one of my sisters.

  4. Janet, the Corvette was Hus2's. I, at that same time, drove a station wagon with woodgrain side panels. Yawwwwnnn!

    Schremgems, thanks, that was Christmas Day in 1970--new duds for everybody.

    Patsy, if you pictured me as a brunette, you would be correct. I grew up blonde, but my hair started turning darker after I had babies, so I bleached it until I was nearly 40. Since then it's been a muddy brown. And you know what else? The long, luxurious hair in the photo is a wig. (Remember when those were popular?) My own hair at that time was the same color as the wig, but not as long and not nearly as thick.

  5. VS, you're a foxy mama!

  6. Nice corvette and the lady with it!

  7. I could see this would be you...I would have expected nothing less when you were younger...I remember the wigs in the 70's! They were hot...I too bleached my hair for 25 was various shades of blond....from chicken yellow to toilet seat I color it to cover the gray!

  8. I remember my mom wearing a wig. I also remember thinking it would be funny to pull it off. I was wrong. LOL.

  9. Hot chick and hot Corvette too! I pictured you as a redhead? I wonder why? I also remember wigs and 'falls'. Did you call them falls and wear a headband to cover up the seam between hair and fall? I never had a whole wig but I did fool a lot of people with that fall. Later in life I had my own long hair but now it's short again as is appropriate for an 'old' woman.

  10. Mike and TC: Thankyouverymuch! Unfortunately, all that didn't last. The Corvette went into a canal, and I went into a refrigerator. Neither of us was ever the same again.

    4th Sister: "Toilet seat white?" LOL! Yes, wigs were terribly hot, and kind of itchy, too.

    javagirlbt: Haha! I'm glad you lived to tell that story.

    nan16: Oh, yes, the fall with the headband, just like on "I Dream of Jeannie." And wiglets, too, remember those?

  11. Nice photo Velvet and I loved those old station wagons with the wood grain, they always seemed so 'friendly' plenty of room in the back for the dogs ~ and kids. :)


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