Thursday, July 13, 2006

Haiku FAQ

Why limit it to
five syllables, then seven,
then five more? That's stupid dumb.


  1.'s a joke (although obviously not a good one). ;-) Did you count my syllables?

  2. I could never get Haiku right anyway :)
    Love Basho thoughSandy

  3. I got it! ;) Thought it was clever too.

    Lest you worry again, I'm leaving in the morning for an art show in Colorado, back Monday!


  4. I think the auctions have driven you over the edge. I have Diet Coke and Dominos. Will that help?

  5. OH, I see!! Wouldn't you love to hand that into a teacher in class!

  6. Dear Velvet,
    Being a creature of habit in my declining years(okay, maybe not declining but definately slowing down)I like to know what my day holds. Routine feels good to me! One of the things I've become accustom to, is reading your blog every night before I go to sleep. You can only imagine my dismay when I found NO blog tonight. Not that I don't think you deserve a day off now and then, Velvet, but next time could you give me a little warning? Now I'm gonna have to wander around in cyberspace until I find something that puts me to sleep...uh oh...that didn't come out right..:)
    PS All kidding aside....I LOVE your blog. It's a real treat and since we are both about the same age, you take me back to my childhood many times with your stories. Thanks so much !!

  7. Don't know why either.
    Being so concise is hard,
    Forces you to think.

    Don't check my blog, nothing on it - just opened it today, so I could reply to this. Have enjoyed your posts, Velvet, since Kim posted your link. Having fun getting to know the world of blogdom. Don't feel confident enough to post, yet - I'm not THAT kind of artist!

  8. Chaps my butt, you know,
    having to have all those rules.
    Why can't it be easy?

  9. Sandy UK: You made me google Basho. Never heard of him before now, but I see he didn't have to follow such a rigid rule.

    4th Sister, Carmon and Duly Inspired: Thankyou. Thankyouverymuch. (And Carmon, thanks for checking in so I wouldn't worry about your absence. It's not as if you're all alone in the desert and attempting to sit on the back of an unbroken horse or anything.)

    Rebekah: There's nothing so bad that Diet Coke and Domino's won't help.

    Sunflower and Priss: Very impressive! You're fun to play with. (Welcome, Sunflower, nice to meet you.)

    Schremgems: Syllable-wise, your comment is a haiku, too. Was that intentional or just a co-inky-dink?

    Kybeadmaker: Very nice to hear from you. I've put a lot of people to sleep just by talking to them, so if you'll send me your phone number, I'll just call you at bedtime next time I have to miss, okay? (Love your watercolor beads!)

  10. Not too impressive!! LOL!!! My last line's screwed up! Oh well, that's what I get for trying to play while heavily medicated!

  11. was? It wasn't meant to be Haiku, it just turned out that way.

  12. My Laura had to write this in elem. school. I have a poem some
    where that she wrote (Haiku). It was very good. But I agree with you, too much emphasis placed the numbers. I like our "free" verse!

    There once was a gal named Velvet
    Who said it like she felt it!
    Her poems did rhyme
    And her syllables did shine,
    To Haiku--she said "shelve it".

  13. Way to go, Sweet Sister! ROFL! A good limerick is more my style any day.


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