Tuesday, December 26, 2006

A test of wills

Until I walked into my bedroom tonight, my arms full of freshly laundered sheets, I didn't realize that Kadi had already gone to bed. I told her to get down, but all she did was crawl from my side of the bed to the center. I told her again to get down, and she turned away from me and laid her head between her paws. I told her several times. I pushed on her butt and she dug in tighter.

Okay, I thought, we'll do things the hard way. I started putting the fitted bottom sheet on the bed. I tucked in the first corner. "Kadi," I said, in my best leader-of-the-pack voice, "you have to move." Nuh-uh. Two more corners and we were here:

I told her again, "Kadi. Get. Down. Now!" She looked at me, smiled, and held her ground.

Hmmph! I can be stubborn, too. I tucked in the fourth corner:

We were closing in on 25 seconds when I got nervous. Except for the barely perceptible motion of her breathing, Kadi hadn't moved a muscle in all that time. I pulled the sheet back, and she just looked at me. Then she s-l-o-w-l-y stretched, crawled to the edge of the bed, and lowered herself to the floor.

I'm calling it my point.


  1. Velvet, your life has gone to the "dogs"!

  2. Isn't that funny. I laughed out loud to see the lump in the bed when you made it. My dog LOVES going to bed and sometimes heads down the hall for the bedroom before I'm quite ready. There was an evening when I made the bed with him in it because he, like Kadi, refused to be disturbed. Mine got anxious before I tucked in the 4th corner and got up and off . . . "just in the nick of time," I said.

  3. Okay...Kadi gave me a much needed laugh! Please give her a big hug and skritch from me.

  4. Nope Velvet, that point goes to Kadi. If it had been a staring game, you broke first so she wins! Funny!

  5. Sister-Three, you're absolutely right. I realized some time ago that the dogs have taken over.

    Annie, I've always thought Kadi liked sleeping in MY bed. Now I think she believes she's allowing me to sleep in HERS. It's nice to know I'm not the only one who's encountered this problem.

    Carmon, one hug and skritch have been delivered and were very much appreciated.

    Kat, looking at it from that angle, I think you may be right. But I'll never admit that in front of her.

  6. Velvet, I had a cat that used to do the same thing! Wouldn't move at all. (Can you believe that we 'blog' about our animals!?!?!?!)
    Of course, I still can't believe I even blog! :)

  7. That is so funny! I've had a time or two when Spot would stubbornly refuse to get off the bed so I could make it and I just threw the covers over him. He got the message without too much more fussing, but that Kadi takes the prize!

  8. I think poor Kadi may just be soooo tired from all the holiday excitement. It's time for a rest and she ain't moving!

    I've felt like that more than a few times, this week! LOL

  9. i just new the dog was sick my heart was in my mouth as i read your post. glad to know she was just lazy.

  10. our pets can crack us up, make us cry from sorrow and cry from laughing but God they are wonderful, as is yours!

    peace and blessings

    John michael and keepers

  11. Jackie, sometimes I think my animals are the reason WHY I blog. Unlike real life, when I talk about Butch and Kadi online, the people who are bored by it can sneak away without fear of hurting my feelings.

    Janet, after thinking about it, I have a plan in case Kadi ever does this again. I'll just go get the box of aluminum foil, put out a foot or two of it and walk in her direction. For some obscure reason, the dreaded foil always sends her running in the opposite direction.

    Sunflower, that's probably exactly what she was feeling. Even as I was trying to push her off the bed, I empathized with her.

    Patsy, I would have been worried about her, too, if she hadn't been smiling and making her "I'm so cute" face at me. Scamp!

    John Michael, welcome. I just made a quick visit to your site and read about your cats and the Christmas tree. How funny! Yes, they ARE wonderful. Thanks for stopping by.

  12. All I can say is too funny.
    The joy they bring amazes me...little furry butt creatures that make you smile...best little buggers on earth.


  13. Velvet, I woke up giggling about this picture! Thanks for getting my day off to a pleasant start!

    I have a similar pic of Mabel I will have to post when I get back home. I was trying to take the sheets off one morning and she refused to budge!

    I have to agree, we are being allowed to sleep in their beds!

  14. Velvet-if it were Spot, I'd get out the vacuum! ;-)

  15. Oh my goodness! This is the most hilarious thing I have seen in weeks. Thanks so much for sharing this. I really needed the laugh with all the heavy stuff that has come my way this week.

  16. Austin, I agree -- so much love and joy, wrapped in such cute, furry packages.

    Creekhiker, I'll be looking forward to seeing the picture of Mabel. From the number of people who have commented here about similar experience with their own pets, I'm gaining a new understanding of the phrase, "dogged determination."

    Janet, oh, yeah, the vacuum would work here, too. Kadi won't even walk near it when it's turned off.

    Jewellybeano, welcome. I'm glad you had a good laugh and hope that your load will lighten with the new year.

  17. Velvet,
    Your dog is precious and this post was so funny! My cat Moko (she passed away several years ago)was scared of tin foil too. My dog is scared of small buckets or dark plastic pots like what you put your plants in. He is also scared of the vacuum cleaner and my broom when I am sweeping with it. I have no idea why he is scared of buckets and pots. We first noticed when visiting my Grandma's house and she had pots upside down over some plants outdoors and he freaked when I walked near them with him on his leash. He won't go close to small buckets or small wastebaskets. He acts spooked by them.

  18. Cindi, thanks for stopping by. I must say yours is the first dog I've ever heard of who's afraid of buckets, pots, etc. Wouldn't you love to understand why?

    As for the aluminum foil thing, I have a theory: Dogs know something we don't know about the origin of the phrase: "Curses! Foiled again."


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