Thursday, December 07, 2006

Photo Night: This One's for the Birds

As soon as my feet hit the floor each morning, I let Butch and Kadi out the back door, the door that leads first to my patio and then to the backyard. Once they're outside, I take care of my own immediate personal needs, and then I let the dogs back in the house.

That second time I open the back door is when I take time to look around. Almost always, I see birds perching on top of a telephone pole in my neighbor's yard. Sometimes, if my camera is close by, I snap a few shots of the birds...even though I've done it over and over before. Most of my bird-on-the-pole photos are redundant, but here are a few of my favorites (click on a photo to enlarge it):

"I'm sittin' on top of the world..."
Bobby Darin

"There is always room at the top..." Adam Ant

"I faced it all and I stood tall and did it my way..."
Frank Sinatra

"Take it easy, take it easy, better slow down, girl..."

"Rise up this mornin', smiled with the risin' sun,
three little birds..."
Bob Marley

"Wherever we go, whatever we do, we’re gonna go through it together..."
Bette Midler

"All by myself...don't want to be..."
Eric Carmen

"High flyer, high flyer,
fly high tonight,
fly angel, fly higher,
fly safe tonight..."
Phil Collins


  1. Songs and birds, but I cant stop thinking of the Hitchcock movie.

  2. Tom, thanks for stopping by. I remember that movie well.

  3. Velvet, You know WAY too many song lyrics to be anybody's mother! You are too cool in my book!

    How was shopping???


  4. Holly, it's not that I'm cool, unfortunately; it's that I'm getting pretty darn good with Google.

    I didn't shop at the new store yet, but Kim went today and said she thinks I'm really gonna like it.

  5. This little birdie would like to pay a visit to your cage. :D:D:D:D

  6. you ever notice in bad weather how the birds all perch on the wires?

  7. "Bird Songs" this rocked Velvet!

  8. Velvet, I like seeing the results of your morning routine - and your googling, too. You put the songs to the pictures creatively.

    I sit in my study looking out on my backyard and often take picture after picture of the squirrels. One day I'll capture a perfect shot, I hope.

  9. Rebekah, I'd like that, too. I'll try to get the dog hair swept up and the dishes out of the sink at the same time so I'll be fit to have company.

    Patsy, I have noticed that. Sometimes when it's windy, I wonder what keeps them from spinning around on the wire.

    Kat, Annie and Janet, thanks. Annie, I rarely get a perfect shot, but I'm beginning to learn to crop creatively.


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