Saturday, December 02, 2006


Just a quick post tonight to show you the beautiful dog I've been visiting through the fence each day for the past couple of weeks. I don't know if my next-door neighbor has adopted her and the gorgeous chocolate lab that showed up at the same time, or if she's keeping them for a friend, but I just love looking at this one.

Check out her eyes: one green, one blue. They're almost hypnotic. Her spotted coat and pastel features make me appreciate the artistry of Mother Nature.

UPDATE: Here's some information on what causes heterochromia (different eye colors) in case you're interested. I find this kind of stuff fascinating, but I realize not everybody does.


  1. She is beautiful! Thanks for sharing--

  2. What a beauty! I've only seen the brown/blue eye mix before on huskies.

  3. Look into my eyes. You will feel calm, you will forget plumbers and water on the floor, you will feel calm.

  4. Velvet, that is one ugly dog......let a human have one blue eye and one brown and then tell me how pretty he is....

  5. This dog looks like she has much on her mind. I'm so used to looking into my dog's solid black eyes, this is just a little unnerving, but she is beautiful.

  6. Jodie, thanks for stopping by. Don't you love how straight and tall she stands?

    Sunflower, I've seen it in huskies and in an Australian Cattle Dog that jumped over our fence for a brief encounter with Kadi a couple of weeks before she was old enough to be spayed. My neighbor called to tell me there was a strange dog in our yard, lying in the grass beside Kadi. I said, "Omigod, please tell me they aren't smoking cigarettes."

    Annie, I do feel calm, now that you mention it, very calm, but every now and then I jump up and cluck like a chicken. Why do you suppose that is?

    4th Sister, I guess beauty is in the eye of the beholder. As for humans with different eye colors, the first ones who come to mind are Jane Seymour ("Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman") and Keifer Sutherland ("24"). Nobody's throwing stones at them for being ugly.

    Kat, the "much on her mind" was my daughter's two little dogs who were playing near the fence on our side. I'm not sure if she wanted to play with them or eat them.

    Janet, I know! Me, too.

  7. What a beauty. I want to kiss her. She reminds me of Mabel when she has her eyes on a ball.

    David Bowie is another handsome human with two different eyes. I've always thought that was the most fascinating feature.

    Have a great day Velvet. Hope you see your new friends again!


  8. She looks like she could have some great dane in her. I had a black and white harliquin dane with one blue eye and one gold eye. She was a real sweetheart who lived to be ten, very unusual for that breed. Carmon

  9. Creekhiker, I do, too, right above her spotted pink nose. And I forgot about Bowie--another good example.

    Carmon, you might be right. she's about the size of a lab right now, but she looks like a young animal. Maybe she still has some growing to do.

  10. I want to kiss her nose 20 times! She looks to me like Catahoula blood runs through her veins. Sweet girl! Alison (Inspired)

  11. Alison, her eyes certainly have the intensity of a Catahoula.


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