Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Christmas 2006 Recap

Christmas has come and gone, and I'm still basking in all the joy that Santa brought.

I didn’t plan to put up a tree this year, but I found this tiny thing while doing some last-minute shopping and couldn’t resist it. It was fun to see Butch discover it a couple of hours after I set it out in the living room. He may be blind, but he doesn’t miss much.

My older daughter spent the night with me Christmas Eve. We ate good snack stuff, played with the pups and watched them frolic with their Christmas toys, and had one very long game of Trivial Pursuit before we called it a night.

Christmas morning was quiet, mostly spent preparing a couple of dishes to take to my younger daughter’s house later in the day. And that’s where the Christmas spirit really came together for me.

We had so much fun! The grandkids arrived at different times throughout the afternoon. We exchanged gifts as each new group arrived, which worked out nicely. We used to wait until everybody was there, but as the kids get older and their schedules get busier, doing it this way takes some of the pressure off and gives us extra time for the highlight of our Christmas celebration: the annual "Battle of the Sexes" game.

This is our third year to play this board game on Christmas night while we have the whole family together, and I don’t think a single one of us would want to miss it. It’s the guys against the gals, across generations, and it’s hysterical to listen to the logic and the negotiations that go on as each team tries to agree on an answer.

My favorite game moment to date came last year, when the seven or eight manly members of the opposition sang “The Brady Bunch Theme” in unison, under their breath, as they tried to figure out the first names of Mr. and Mrs. Brady (Mike and Carol). What I wouldn’t give to have that on videotape.

Last night’s game began with the same kind of competitive enthusiasm:

Grandson: “Grammy, you’re goin’ down.”

Granddaughter’s Fiancé: “Dude, you’re trash-talking your grandmother?”

Grandson: “Yeah, I’m just warnin' her.”

Granddaughter’s Fiancé: “High five, man; I like your style.”

The female team won for the third year in a row, but, in all fairness, the guys’ team was short a couple of players. They’re planning to bring in reinforcements for a New Year’s Day rematch.

After all that fun –- not to mention all that food -– we were very tired and very happy at the end of the day.

So, the long holiday weekend winds down on a positive note. My heart is full, my head's in a good place, my home is fairly neat, and today I scanned an entire decade's worth of photographs, getting a head start on my goals for the new year.

It's a shame to interrupt this glow by going back to work tomorrow, but you know what? I can handle it.


  1. What a great holiday you had! Your big family sounds like an absolute joy to be with...glad all went so well and a neat house to boot! At least the work week will be short and a New Year just ahead.

  2. What a great day! We can't play men against the women in our Clan - these crazy scots are wildly competitive and terrible losers unless we stick to something simple like UNO.

  3. A lovely glimpse you provide of your family's Christmas, Velvet. It sounds like a fun day for the people and looks like a relaxing one for the animals.

  4. Velvet,

    So glad you had a wondreful holiday full of joy and loved ones!


  5. Carmon, I'm lucky to be part of a family of comics. They're certainly never dull.;-)

    Kat, we get pretty competitive, too, but it's really hard to be a sore loser and laugh at the same time.

    Annie, it was nice. The animals weren't the only ones sprawled out on the sofa.

    Holly, are you still in B.R.? I'm dying to know how your flight with Mabel worked out. Email me if you get a chance.

  6. Glad you had a great Christmas! and those are great photos! Love the last one, with Butch on his back.


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