Thursday, March 02, 2006

If you've never seen a bunny in a cloud, you might as well not read this.

I’ve recently had a brief online discussion with a friend about all the considerations involved in selecting new flooring. It’s hard to make a choice. Flooring is a major investment, after all, and with so many options available, it would be easy to pick the wrong one. Add a couple of big, hairy dogs to the mix and the difficulty increases exponentially.

When the old carpet in my living room died (a long, slow asphyxiation by dog hair and other flotsam and jetsam), I learned that choosing a replacement floor that looked beautiful wasn’t nearly as important as choosing one that was dog-friendly and would make my life easier. I was open to a variety of flooring materials, but there was one deal-breaker: It had to be the color of dirt.

After months of looking at flooring samples, I finally chose the floor you see in these photos, and I’m really happy with it. Yes, it’s easy to clean. No, it isn’t too slippery. And there’s another positively delightful bonus: Hidden in the dark spots and whorls of the flooring pattern are dozens of little animal faces that pop out at me as I walk through the house and make me smile every single day. How would anybody ever know to shop for that?!

Can you see the droopy-eyed pup in this tile?


  1. if you ever need help with family research let me know, my sisters fleta and betty are really good with research course you may be as good but i could get them to help you. they are like blood hounds when they get the scent and because I am the oldest i can get them to do what i want!

  2. I see the puppy. I know what you mean about dog hair, clogs up the vac. but we have a dog and we are stuck with her. she came from the pound and will not leave. She is smart, she knew a good thing when she found it.


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