Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Life is fickle...

...and when we least expect it, the world can turn upside down.

A good friend, one who inspires love and respect in all those who get to know him, is in the middle of the crisis of his lifetime. There's nothing I can do to help him right now, nothing any of his friends can do.

I know the good people who read this blog, and I know you care, but I'm turning off the comments feature on this post. This one isn't about what you think or I think; it's just for him, and I want to keep it that way.

If my friend ever finds this blog and reads it--and I hope someday he will
--he'll read about a lot of happy moments that happened in my life while his was in turmoil. That juxtaposition has been on my mind all day, reminding me once again that life isn't fair.

If my friend ever reads this, I want him to know I was thinking about him. I want him to know I cared enough to put it in writing.