Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Words from the daughter who did not become a music critic

Subtitle: Famous musical groups of the '70s

I have no idea why this conversational tidbit from long ago popped into my head today, but I've been chuckling at the memory for a couple of hours now:

Younger daughter (at age 10): "Hey, Mom, do you know if the John that sings with Elt is the same one that sings with Olivia Newt?"


  1. Hilarious!

    Different Johns, Love, different Johns.

  2. Ah, now I see child you sang in praise earlier. She looks a delight, fresh off the playground you say? Amazingly neat here so I can only imagine how utterly neat she must have been otherwise.

    Is this the same child who confused the Johns?

  3. I had to say that out loud to really get it!

    Elt "and" John

    Olivia New "and" John

    ROFL!! Thanks for a good giggle Velvet! I needed it!

  4. the things are childen said are precious when they grow up.

  5. I just returned to read it again.
    Too funny.

  6. Oh, I get it now. I had to read the other comments to realize what it meant. That IS funny.

  7. a little buddy of mine thought his friend's name was Alex Zander. First name Alex last name Zander. He was three or four back then but don't think we've let him forget it...not even at age 25. LOL Poor Alexander, so misunderstood.



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