Tuesday, March 27, 2007

"And in my heart you will remain forever young"

I have so many pictures of my first child, portraits and snapshots that show her looking like a tiny angel or a little doll, every hair in place. That’s why this one, taken by a photographer who didn’t show up until after recess, might be my favorite:

It’s hard to believe how long it’s been since that beautiful baby girl arrived. She was six weeks earlier than expected, probably the last time she was early for anything until a few short years ago, when she made peace with the process of evolving into a "mature woman."

Don't let the maturity fool you. She's still youthful in appearance, young at heart and free of spirit, preferring to beat her own trail through the tall grasses of life rather than follow the trampled path of those who came before her. On the wings of her artistic temperament, she has soared to heights the astronauts may never reach and plummeted into the earth's deepest chasms, all in the interest of whatever she's passionate about, and she's brought back souvenirs for the rest of us.

She's a dreamer, an artist, a writer of infinite skill, a loving daughter/sister/aunt. She’s an intensely private person who thrives on quiet, yet it wouldn’t even occur to her to tiptoe through this world.

Happy birthday, Sweetie. I'd never have imagined I could love you as a grown woman even more than as the precious infant you used to be, but I do.


  1. I don't see a photo, but Happy Birthday to Number One Daughter! (c'mon, tell me how old she is, I promise I won't tell!)

  2. I so envy your daughters, still having a mother with them who loves them so unconditionally! All of your posts about them are such celebrations of them as the children they were and the people they have become. I think being who you are is a *huge* birthday gift to them! Carmon

  3. Kim's picture isn't showing up for me either.

    And Velvet... I can't say it any better than Carmon, so ditto. And Happy "birth" day to you too. The older I get, the more I realize that raising decent humans is quite the accomplishment. Holly

  4. Velvet, your words are so lovely. And I'm sure your daugther is as lovely as you say but like all the others I can't see her photo today. Maybe you can reload it?

  5. Beautiful post! I'm grinning big. I love the after-recess photo!

  6. For some reason this sentence of yours had me laughing, bent over laughing, only because if my mother were as eloquent as you with words, she'd say the same thing about me. My response to her would be "thank you".

    This day is a celebration day for you as well!

    No photo for me either?

  7. Oops, this sentence I meant,"She’s an intensely private person who thrives on quiet, yet it wouldn’t even occur to her to tiptoe through this world." Sorry, I was too busy laughing!

  8. Thanks for the tip about the photo. I've uploaded it again, but I could see it all along, so I don't know if this has made any difference. If you still can't see it, try refreshing the page or clicking to enlarge. Maybe one of those ideas will work.

    See y'all later. I'm typing with a slice of pizza in one hand, and my lunch hour is almost over.

  9. And I can see why it might be one of your favorite pictures! Just too cute...but I am partial to girls;)

  10. Janet, I'll tell you only because she already posted it: She's 45. At this rate she'll pass me before long, then she can be the mother.

    Carmon, what a nice thing to say! I might have to embroider it on little pillows and give them each one. ;-)

    Holly, mostly I got lucky.

    Annie, I hope you can see the photo now. It's MY favorite--but definitely not HERS.

    Alison (D.I.), can't you just smell the sweaty hair?

    Sandy (Maxngabbie), sounds familiar, huh? Glad you had a good laugh.


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