Tuesday, October 10, 2006

A song for dog lovers--and jailbreakers

There are some country songs I love and a whole bunch of others I don't like at all, but every afternoon, driving home from work, I switch back and forth between two country music stations and listen for something new. If neither station is playing anything interesting, I switch to an oldies-but-goodies station. If that doesn't work, I switch to a CD. The rock/talk station I listen to in the morning is too jarring for afternoon traffic.

Yesterday, on one of the country stations, I heard a song I'd forgotten about. I like the lyrics so much I decided to post them here for those of you who may not have heard this song. Even if you don't like country music, I think you'll enjoy the story this one tells.

Ol' Red
As sung by Blake Shelton.
Written by James Bohon, Don Goodman and Mark Sherrill.

Well, I caught my wife with another man,
And it cost me ninety-nine,
On a prison farm in Georgia,
Close to the Florida line.
Well, I'd been here for two long years,
I finally made the warden my friend.
And so he sentenced me to a life of ease,
Taking care of Ol' Red.

Now, Ol' Red, he's the damnedest dog,
That I've ever seen.
Got a nose that can smell a two-day trail;
He's a four-legged tracking machine.
You can consider yourself mighty lucky,
To get past the gators and the quicksand beds.
But all these years that I've been here,
Ain't nobody got past Red.

And the warden sang:
"Come on somebody, why don't you run?
"Ol' Red's itchin' to have a little fun.
"Get my lantern, get my gun,
"Red'll have you tree'd before the mornin' come."

Well, I paid off the guard and I slipped out a letter
To my cousin up in Tennessee.
Oh, an' he brought down a blue tick hound,
She was pretty as she could be.
Well, they penned her up in the swampland,
'Bout a mile just south of the gate.
And I'd take Ol' Red for his evening run,
I'd just drop him off and wait.

And the warden sang:
"Come on somebody, why don't you run?
"Ol' Red's itchin' to have a little fun.
"Get my lantern, get my gun,
"Red'll have you tree'd before the mornin' come."

Now Ol' Red got real used to seeing
His lady every night.
And so I kept him away for three or four days,
And waited till the time got right.
Well, I made my run with the evenin' sun,
And I smiled when I heard 'em turn Red out.
'Cause I was headed north to Tennessee,
And Ol' Red was headed south.

And the warden sang:
"Come on somebody, why don't you run?
"Ol' Red's itchin' to have a little fun.
"Get my lantern, get my gun,
"Red'll have you tree'd before the mornin' come."

Now there's red-haired blue ticks all in the South.
Love got me in here and love got me out.


  1. Velvet, I'm not a fan of country music - but what a cute song! Love triumphs, for Ol' Red. . . and the prisoner, LOL.

  2. A great song! And thank you for finding the problem with my link list! Sometimes I am such a dork, run with scissors, swim after eating...jeesh.

  3. Kat-you run with scissors?? Tsk! That reminds me, when I was little, my dad handed me a newspaper article he'd cut out, it was about a little girl who was dancing around with scissors in her hand and she fell and stabbed herself. My dad wanted to make the point that I wasn't supposed to do something like that. That sure worked-I have been very careful with scissors since. Now, knives and letter openers are a different matter...

  4. Love country style and Ol' Red is a new one for me, no cryin' an' dyin' with this one, its love and winners all the way. Great! Thanks.

  5. What about the song if I die before I wake feed Jake, he's been a good dog. It's by Mississippi Somebody or Other. ???? I can't remember. So now you know I listen to country...not just sometimes but all the time, to the dismay of my friends. Do you know Rascal Flats? Are you too waiting for him to come out of the closet like that guy from the boy band did all over People magazine? Yup, Rascal will be out soon. For gosh sakes his name is Rascal. Ah, and then there's Trace Adkins who insists upon singing every song about war and dying and farming and hard times. It's like, okay we get it. We get that you're a patriotic farmer. Oh and don't get me started on Cowboy Troy cause there isn't enough space on this comment section for me to go there. It's wrong, that's all I'll say, Cowboy Troy is wrong!!! No black man should ever wear cut off jean shorts, a shirt, suspenders and a cowboy hat with boots then do the MC Hammer dance across the stage while singing country music. It's just not right. Its the kind of stuff nightmares are made of.


  6. Love country music or hate it, Ol' Red's a good 'un. Austin, you crack me up! I never looked at Rascal Flatts that way, but now that you mention it, the first time I heard them sing I thought the lead singer was a woman. And Cowboy Troy? Afraid I haven't had the pleasure. Now that you've told me about him, though, I'll make it a point fo check him out.

  7. the lead singer of rascal flatts name is Gary not Rascal. And he is not gay, he is married and a wonderful singer. Rascal Flatts is a very talented wonderful band. they are my fave!!!


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